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Edessa the maid looked out the terrace, concerned. The sky was blue but a light veil of clouds invoked a sense of unease hidden in the rising harbor. Red-tiled roofs stretched far into the distance, the magnificent buildings outlining the peculiar landscape of the Pasha Road district.

It showcased the flamboyance of the nobles, refined and comforting in every way. But the marks left by the storm were still there, and the broken tree branches strewn about in the uncleaned courtyard seemed to belie a bad omen.

“I’ll have them cleaned up, the people downstairs are really stubborn.” Edessa sighed softly.

She looked towards the man on the terrace. His long, dark brown hair was almost black as it flowed like a waterfall over his red cloak edged with snow-white fur.

“Don’t bother, Edessa. It’s not like I’ll notice anyways, you know that. You don’t really need to be so particular about things.” The man opened his mouth, his voice was as gentle as flowing water. He looked up as if he was taking in a deep breath, “Well…do you smell it? It’s the smell after a storm. Only now the air at its cleanest, like the world has been reborn.”

“But it’s actually dirty outside this time of year, with broken branches and debris scraped off the roofs,” replied Edessa.” It’s also a dangerous thing for ordinary people to be on the streets right now.”

“O Edessa, if you do not tell me, how shall I know? You are always like this – is the world so useless in your eyes?” The man couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Edessa was a little disturbed to hear his words, but she still replied, “My task is to tell you what I see, Your Highness.”

The man smiled slightly and did not reply.

Suddenly she saw a flock of white pigeons towards the Nussock Street square. The attendant was startled to see the birds fly. She could only gaze at their freedom with amazement while her heart remained shackled and grounded. She turned back, looked to her master, and asked somewhat worriedly, “Your Highness. Many days have passed.”

“Don’t worry.” The man replied. Edessa could tell that he didn’t sound very confident, but she knew her master’s temper well enough to stop talking. Instead, she buried her anxiety deep in her heart.

She had already gotten used to this.

The house was silent for a time, and Edessa watched quietly as the flock of pigeons flew away. She suddenly remembered a story she had heard from an elder when she was a child. The birds from the north will migrate south through the storm, fighting their destiny day by day amidst thunder and lightning – but was it really possible? She couldn’t help but look at the silhoutte.


Outside the carriage, bustling shops formed a unique atmosphere in the port. Although the smell of war seemed to have only faded just slightly, merchants once again filled Ampere Seale with prosperity and vitality.

Brendel opened the carriage door and then carefully helped Amandina down fro

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