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If even Brendel failed to find anything associated with this name after digging through his memories, the rest of the crowd were certainly unable to recall that name as well. Only Romaine stuttered out a question. “Y-you, why are you pretending to be me?”

Ovina looked at Romaine and paused in surprise. “So that is how it is.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” the merchant girl asked.

The other girl turned around and frowned at Brendel, who was still on the ground. “You seem to have inherited the privileges of the Commision of Truth, but it is apparent that you have privileges that are even higher than that. This is odd… let me take a look. How strange, you have the feel of Gaia about you.”

She turned around to examine everyone else in the room, but then paused briefly when she got to William. The Great Mage from the Silver Alliance frowned in silence, as if in deep thought, but when Ovina’s gaze landed on Freya, her eyes lit up.

“A descendant of the Defender of the War Goddess… I had not thought that this bloodline still existed in this world,” she sighed admiringly.

Brendel caught every word the girl of lightning said, but he understood none of it. Every word that came out of Ovina’s mouth was foreign to him. Even with his previous experience with the game, he hadn’t heard of this.

He frowned and asked, “Madam, who are you? You’re an Elite Elf, but who do you represent?”

“Me?” The girl strode forward and tilted her chin up. “Human, according to your lore, you should address me as the Azure Knight.”

The Azure Knight.

Those words resonated in Brendel’s mind. He opened his mouth, but he seemed to have momentarily lost the ability to speak.

The others didn’t seem to be faring any better and were probably doing worse. Medissa’s lance nearly fell to the ground while Sir Makarov and the others standing behind her Royal Highness Princess kept muttering to themselves. “Impossible… This can’t be…”

Standing before them was the Azure Knight who shattered the skies, made the stars fall, and brought about the Era of the Mortals.

If you asked what the most famous epic poem in the history of Amber Sword was, it would be the Pale Poem. And the most well-known stanza from the Pale Poem was the one about the legend of the Azure Knight.

That was the archetype for every subsequent knightly epic poem. Countless stories have been adapted from that stanza. Almost every knight’s fantasies included this legendary figure.

But, she was a woman?

Everyone struggled for a moment to come to grips with this. Only Romaine, after figuring out that Ovina was not impersonating her, asked in curiosity, “But why do you look exactly like me?”

“The course of history is quiet and deep like a river. Amongst the millions of stars, it is inevitable that two will be alike. It is all mere coincidence,” the other girl answered in a low voice.

Brendel, however, thought the lady was making things up. “Lady Knight, may

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