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There was no more time to argue. In the end, the two groups were quickly decided. Brendel knew that he was unable to convince the princess anymore. He could only cast one last glance into the rain, before pulling on his cloak.

The princess took the lance from the knight by the side. With a back-handed grip, she cut a piece from her cloak with her sword and tied it to the tip. The patterns of the crescent moon and the lily fluttered high in the storm.

The knights gazed at the banner that represented Aouine. It was already drenched in rain.

The thin formation began to move forward.

They had indeed attracted the devil army. Like a rolling wave, the Hellhounds galloped in a line and devoured everything in their path as they faced off against the army of less than thirty men in the middle of the battlefield.

Thie gave Brendel valuable time to take a breather. The line formation held up Buni’s Concealment Cloak and grazed the edge of the battlefield, slowly inching their way toward the last remaining Door of Flame.

But even this route was not secure.

Although the hill-like Hellhounds couldn’t see them, there were times when there was no way to avoid them when they lunged from the front. During such times, Brendel could only lift his cloak and pierce the throat of these devils with his sword from below and let their reeking blood gush freely. This caused these huge devils to twist and turn, crashing into several more of their kind and toppling them.

However, the fallen Hellhounds didn’t attract too much attention from its own kind; devils were already fond of fighting each other, and a stampede like this when they were charging in a group was so trivial. No one would notice this corner of the battlefield.

The devils were cloistering together even more, forming a denser mass. Everyone felt the ground trembling beneath their feet.

The Brute Devils in the sky were the first to approach the humans in the center of the battlefield. Leider Dulo raised his head, his graying eyes reflecting those hideous and horrifying faces. The monsters in the sky spread their wings and charged down at them like arrows.

Several Brute Devils crashed into the knights’ formation, sending several knights flying. Their strength was far greater than the hellhounds. Leider witnessed the knights being splattered apart, their armor shattering like glass. The flesh underneath exploded from the tremendous pressure, blood vessels bursting open and turning into a flying mass of plasma.

A few spots of blood were even sprayed on the princess’s snow-white face. Gryphine remained still, her hand gripping the lance. Her knuckles were white from the lack of blood, but the lance remained still in her hand.

The Brute Devils swept past. Behind them, their fellow devils swooped back down. A Brute Devil crashed into the princess, who was among the crowd. When the few remaining knights finally reacted, the Brute Devil’’s

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