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Maynild’s Journey(2)

The final counter-plan was quickly adopted.

Freya wondered how Senior Maynild and Balta had convinced the nobles. Perhaps Archbishop Wood just thought of it as an opportunity. In any case, she had finally managed to maintain the army’s retreating pace for the time being.

This was the last chance.

The next 20 minutes would determine whether or not the coalition of human armies would be able to fight the Devils to confront them for an hour, which sounded unimaginable. However, that was what the people of Aouine were hoping for.

There was a refreshing coldness in the heavy rain as if a steel blade was affixed to it.

Marquis Balta split the garrison of the Fort Bunio in two and merged the main force of the White Lion Legion with the students of the Royal Cavalry Academy. Then, he placed this army under Maynild.

This was something that would never have happened in Aouine in the past. The nobles never gave up their armies and power, as their greed made them cling to what they had like eerie spirits.

However, as Balta handed over the commander’s role, the captain of this army told the female knight, “I will leave the White Lion Legion in your hands, Lady.”

These simple words softened the stiff female knight, who pondered a little before taking the White Lion’s battle flag.

It was raining heavily. The future of those who stayed behind and those who were about to go to the front was equally uncertain, but such a dangerous situation was really unremarkable.

The commands echoed loudly, and the gates slowly opened.

At that moment, the battlefield of blood and fire seemed especially real and close in Freya’s eyes. The bright flames that cut through the night seemed to draw the battlefield closer, while the tremors from the explosions swept over the entire area from time to time. She also saw the city gates creaking and shaking with her own eyes.

The back view of Maynild on her warhorse was not far ahead of her. She was just a few steps ahead, in fact. There were a few familiar faces lined up on the side, including Owen, Bessie, and the future Aouine trio, Carlo, Enrique, and Carglise. The three of them, who were older, were leading his White Lion Battalion.

As the groups came out one by one, the Devils soon spotted the humans and an army of Hellhounds appeared on the battlefield. However, Freya’s extreme vision spotted the Barbarian Devils in the sky again, while the Devils were more likely to be heading for Fort Bunuo. Just as expected, they wanted to take advantage of the human division to attack this extension of the battlefield.

Everyone held their breath.

Maynild halted the horses one last time before she ordered the army to march on. The cold female knight took one last look at Fort Bunuo. A flag on its low walls was really prominent in the heavy rain.

The crescent moon in Aouine’s sky seemed like it had just risen.

Her usually emotionless face look

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