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The Holy War(16)

What is this? Magic? All of the commanders of the Northern Coalition Army were so shocked they stopped all action. Before anyone, even Viscount Von Dougning, could react, bursts of light ceaselessly exploded within Beale’s infantry.

Rumbling booms followed, and storm-like explosions instantly enveloped the entire frontline. Beale’s infantry had the ‘luck’ of encountering landmines for the very first time on the battlefield of Vaunte. Detonation Crystals, shallowly buried underneath the path, immediately released all of their contained energy when the weight of the infantry walking over it was applied. The horrifying explosive force not only tore open the ground, but also directly assaulted the infantry above.

The iron sabatons of Beale’s infantry were first deformed by the colossal force before they were shot upwards along with the limbs of their owners into the air. Their breastplates dented inward in the process, bones and guts directly crushed to smithereens.

Five or six infantry were sent skyward, most had become dead, cold bodies by the time they fell back to the ground.

In an instant, Beale’s infantry forces were reduced by one-fifth, but the most severe blow was upon the soldiers’ morale. The Northern Coalition Army was already in trouble before they had even engaged with the enemy. The cheers of the men behind them who witnessed this horrific scene abruptly came to a stop as if choked.

“This……this is what you made out of disassembling those Magic Furnaces?” Princess Gryphine said.

She looked at the scene from afar but was silently contemplating in her heart. The value of the Magic Conductor’s core is very expensive, and those crystals don’t seem to be very cost-effective in terms of lethality. But in a critical battle like this, where we’re willing to do anything, they have produced wonders. She thought.

Brendel nodded in reply to Gryphine’s question. The truth was that both Amandina and Brendel had not slept all night in order to make this. And in the end, because Amandina could not possibly complete such a large amount of alchemical work alone, Brendel was forced to use a Blood Alchemy Array to help.

In the process, he had sacrificed a lot of his blood.

Brendel noticed the half-elf princess’s complexion and correctly surmised most of her thoughts; even so, he did not really care. This was not the full power of the Detonation Crystals, and a good show was still yet to come. Having made so many Detonation Crystals, they were not limited solely to landmines. Landmines were merely child’s play.

He turned back and looked at the other side of the battlefield.

Explosions rang continuously, and one of the Earth Drake Cavalrymen directly died in the series of blasts. The Detonation Crystals had blown off the Drake’s right foot, and the dazed mount threw its rider directly off its back. The poor helpless knight broke his spine in the process and died on the spot.


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