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“William! This debt after forty years-”

“I shall collect it from you in their place!”

The voice of the young man echoed solely across the battlefield. He stood in the mountains and faced everyone, as if a boundary existed between himself and the others.

In front of the entire army of The Holy Cathedral of Fire.

And that scene was engraved in everyone’s mind for the rest of their lives. Even as time wasted away or whether they had become enemies or alliances with one another after years, everyone would still remember what happened at this very moment.

It opened up the door of memory in the minds of many, and time began to flow once more. It was a quiet force that touched their hearts.

And then they remembered–

That their ancestors had stood together against their common enemy ages ago.

Ever since, they had lost not only their pride, but their valor too. Finally, Brendel came and picked up the sword, just like that great man who did back then.

That man was standing on a pure white rock, with his eyes smiling he looked at this kingdom. But his gaze set somewhere so far away, where the sky and land merged into one upon the horizon.

In the eyes of Princess Gryphine, it was history repeating itself, like caramel-colored frames flashing before her. But even that quickly faded, and all that remained was the silhouette in front.

Everything went silent.

“They really do seek death!” the light in William’s light dimmed a little.

He was raising his sword and was about to commence the attack when a violent swirling airflow hit him. He smashed that gust of wind with his left hand only to realize it was just a Wind Bullet.

They dare attack me?!

His blood began to boil as he realized Brendel was ahead of him and he said “Attack.”

How dare he look down upon the majesty of the Holy Cathedral? Even the craziest cultists don’t dare to act so frivolously. The Holy Cathedral’s authority was tied to the prestige it had over the world. As the deputy head of the Paladin squad’s deputy head, he would not allow these ‘rats’ of Aouine to threaten the Holy Cathedral.

“Kill all these pagans. Do not spare even one!”

He ordered coldly.

The war was on the verge of breaking out.

The army in the sky immediately spread out. Like meteors falling down from the dark grey skies, the soldiers of the Holy Cathedral glided down in their flaming wings. Like molten iron pouring down from the skies too, everything turned crimson red.

Amongst them, eleven Paladins glided down towards the Anker Mountains.

They were in the Elemental Activation realm, making up a force that, even if the whole of Aouine came together, they would still not best these men. It made sense for these knights to think that they would be unstoppable once they decided to take action.

But a flag that seemed to be burning with golden flames suddenly appeared in their sights.

The Golden Battle Flag.


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