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Morpheus let out a long howl. As much as it was music to Brendel’s ears, it was a daunting sound to the Northern Coalition Army. Suddenly, a pair of demonic wings sprouted out from behind Morpheus, and silver lines of blood were etched on his forehead as well — The Clans’ Seal.

“That’s enough!”

William could not stand it anymore. He roared. He had tried to eliminate Morpheus in one hit many times, but when Brendel just simply sacrificed the Martyrs of Radiance, all his efforts go to waste. That was not mentioning the difficulty to kill a being who has achieved Peak of Laws while being constantly being healed by the Grimoires of Life.

This deputy head of the Paladins finally understood the fact that he was on a doomed path.

Seeing the fearless look in Brendel’s face, he shivered.

His heart went cold.

No, there’s still one more chance.

At that moment, William’s aura suddenly changed; the golden threads that encircled him turned silver all at once, and a white flame blazed above him.

In front of him, Morpheus raised his head to look at Paladin’s deputy commander in surprise. To him, William’s existence was completely erased.

He had entered another realm.

The Ultimate Realm.

“Brendel, look out!” Orthylss suddenly shouted in his mind, “It’s the Flash Strike Sword Art!”

Flash Strike Sword Art.

Among the three great sword arts, the Nine Luminaries Sword Art was known to be the best Magic Sword Art amongst them as it uses magic to produce mirages. Although people tend to confuse it for a quick sword art; in fact, the fastest sword art among the three fast swords was Flame King Gretel’s Flash Strike Sword Art.

The mystery that Flash Strike Sword Art was faster than the Nine Luminaries Sword Art was one of the questions Brendel had relentlessly bombarded Orthylss with.

And today, he finally got the answer he wanted.

At that moment, he felt his own Lines of Laws tremble.

The Laws of Space were influenced.

Despite being a physical sword, the technique managed to surpass the boundaries of space and attack any point. Almost like Brendel’s Space Elemental Power.

The next moment, Brendel saw William appear beside himself with his eyes shining coldly. Like metallic silver.

He looked back at them.

He had an Anrolda’s Divine Ring ready and was not afraid of any attack from William.

However, William did not attack him. Out of the blue, a majestic aura spread out between the heavens and the earth, as if infinite power extended along in all directions at an instant, and the boundaries between heaven and earth ceased to exist.

Everything turned bleak white.

The Ultimate Realm.

For the first time, Brendel was surprised by this man’s actions. He had finally used the Holy Cathedral of Fire’s secret technique to sacrifice his own lifeforce for a chance to step into the Ultimate Realm. With that, he would lose his chance to improve his own sword sk

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