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The Abyss(7)

Dark clouds converged in the north, plunging Ampere Seale’s Port in dreary darkness. However, beyond the port was a starburst of fire, like lava flowing across the ground, which was the trademark of the scorched land of demons. The portals connected the Sulfur River to Aouine, overlapping and appearing on both sides.

On the scorched ground, the transformed portal emitted a scarlet hue that was clearly visible from every direction, like onyx scattered across a shaggy black carpet.

That scene was like the end of days, everyone could not help but hold their breath. Brendel was thinking of a countermeasure with his head lowered after hearing the princess’ question. It was at this moment when the ‘dark clouds’ in the sky suddenly changed direction. The princess slightly trembled and felt something had gone wrong, the knights exchanged looks and then subconsciously cast their gaze on Brendel.

After all, none of them had actually seen the creatures of Jorgendy Ridge, and the one who seemed to be most knowledgeable here was undoubtedly the lord who came from Trentheim.

It was only then Brendel came back to his senses, as he raised his head and noticed the changes in the sky, his expression suddenly changed and he shouted, “Quick, cover all the reflective things on your body with your cloak!”

The Eagle Demons had extremely wide visions and were sensitive to light. They have a similarity with their winged counterparts which was collecting trinkets to decorate their nests. And for the same reason, they were able to detect faint reflections from dozens of miles away easily, which made them excellent scouts. Apparently someone’s armor had caught their attention by reflecting the lightning bolts. It was also his mistake that he forgot to mention it to the others.

It seemed like the reason for the momentary lapse of his mind was because of Jorgendy Ridge’s large army.

The crowd scrambled to wrap their cloaks around their armor, then bolted the laces of their collars. But it seemed a little late as they raised their heads and saw the few ‘dark clouds’ in the northern sky moved southward, and the swarms of strange creatures with pairs of wings scattered, the sky was filled with them in a blink of an eye.

Brendel turned back to see the crowds’ faces drain of all color. Princess Gryphine was with no exception. There were only seventeen of them altogether, while there thousands of Eagle Demons.

Even a knight subconsciously tried to draw his longsword, Brendel was startled and rushed over to press his hands. “Nobody move!” They haven’t discovered us yet!” He shouted as he was in fear that someone might pull their sword out in panic. At that point it would be too late as the blade would reflect light, revealing their positions.

“Quick. Find a place to hide!”

Brendel was well aware of the habits of the Eagle Demons, these cautious creatures must have come to inspect after they caught their atte

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