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“Miss Magadal.”

Even though the Anderla Cathedral was battered brutally by storms, it did not affect the solemn quietness of its halls one bit. Normally, the hall would be used to conduct silent prayers and meditations. But there would be occasions where it would be required to hold up to thousands of people, which was why the interior was designed so magnificently. The curved roof of the cathedral was supported by twenty-eight grey stone pillars; long rows of chairs facing the central altar which created a fan-shaped space. It was truly a sight behold.

A large number of subordinate workers are responsible for cleaning the cathedral daily. When they saw Princess Magadal walking inside, they rushed to greet her with respect.

Magadal was a high-level priestess, a princess, not to mention that she was even a student of Archbishop Wood. In addition, after Archbishop Wood’s departure, her status rose and she was recognized to be in charge of the place temporarily.

Magadal stopped and nodded her head lightly in return to the workers. Although she was born as a princess, there is little to no glimpses of arrogance and snobbishness in her. Though it may be because of her education, the main factor caused was that she was originally gentle in nature.

Well known for her social relations, the Nun Princess was praised both inside and outside of the cathedral.

“Is the Archbishop in?” she asked.

“Miss Magadal, The Lord Archbishop……is still unwilling to meet outsiders.” The minister replied.

“Is that so…” Magadal sighed, although this was expected, she still felt a sense of despair. She contemplated on this and later asked again, “How about Lord Moros?”

She referred to Wood as Archbishop Wood but she referred Moros as Lord Moros. And everyone knew why: Moros was a cold, serious ‘foreigner’ that was not accepted by anyone in the cathedral.

“Lord Moros seems to be meeting a guest,” a worker answered.

“A guest?” Magadal replied with a slight shock.How could there still be guests at this late hour?“Who is this guest?”

“His name is Marquis Yoakam accompanied by another guest which we don’t recognize.” Another worker answered.

It’s him?Magadal knew that Marquis Yoakam supported Duke Seifer, but he was not closely tied in relations with the Northern Alliance.What’s the reason for his visit to the cathedral? Is it something urgent?

Magadal frowned and felt nauseated when she thought of the past. A worker observed her expressions and immediately went forward to attend to her, saying, “Your highness, do you want to go take a look?”

“No, it’s fine,” Magadal replied, shaking her head decisively. Her face was filled with disgust.

The workers exchanged glances.The rumor that there was bad blood between The Nun Princess and Marquis Yoakam seems to be true.

However, little did they know that her face was burning from guilt and her palms nervously sweated.Would Marsha forgive me for lying to the public?


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