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Brendel’s POV

Smoke and dust stagnated in the air as a layer of golden lines floated in this closed space with Brendel as its center point, while the other end connected to the World of Laws.

So this is the Elemental Realm.Brendel thought.

At the same time, at the bottom of the Elemental Power column in Brendel’s status screen, another attribute was added.

-Guaranteed Hit: As long as the Lines of Laws are stable, the spellcaster’s next attack can appear anywhere within a certain range. Casting it would require 50 EP.

“We finally meet again, my old pal!” Brendel looked at his attribute, the power of the Laws, almost nostalgically. The power gap between an Elemental Awakener and a Gold ranker was massive, so much so that the difference between a Gold and Silver ranker couldn’t compare. The difference between a Bronze ranker and a Silver ranker didn’t even need to be mentioned. Only a few geniuses could manage to obtain this power after reaching The Elemental Barrier.

But once a person managed to grasp this power and cross the gap, he would be stepping into a whole new world. There was a consensus among previous players that a player that reached level 55 and awakened their Elemental Power would flip to a brand new page of The Amber Sword. [Author’s note: The level required to reach the Elemental Realm would vary according to the Job classes.]

Just to reach this realm, Sophie once spent three and a half years.

Even the number one player at the time took eleven months.

In this second life, however, he managed it in a year, and that was only because he took a long way around Trentheim and was distracted by other matters. But precisely because of that, Brendel believed that he was far stronger than the world’s number one at the time.

Brendel slightly raised his sword, its tip pointing at the knight before him. The space around Halran Gaia resonated faintly.

The attribute “Guaranteed Hit” could have a lot of manifestations, but with the distinct Space Elemental Power it was imbued with, it was evidently different from the other attributes.

Space Elemental Power, one of the strongest Elemental Powers.

How could Brendel not be pleased? This was stronger than any Elemental Powers his previous life had.Arefacial features a factor on the Elemental Power?Sophie’s soul thought, feeling jealous of Brendel for having such power.

While it may be weird for him to be jealous of himself, there was a major drawback.

He only had 100 EP at the stage of Elemental Awakening.

Casting this spell once would consume half of his EP. He made that last attack in a drunken state after leaving the World of Laws. Otherwise, he would have killed that Paladin on the spot.

The next attack would definitely hit.

With this attribute, even though he could attack at any location in space, though there was a condition before casting this spell. The Lines of Laws had to be stable.

Brendel looked up. The golden lin

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