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Belonging of the White Lions

The White Lion Legion was still considered a formidable force even in current-day Aouine. Marquis Batta had once used this legion to crush the Lion Beastmen in the year of the dawn of spring to prove it. However, if he wished to satisfy aristocrats’ complacency, he wanted a lion with fresh claws, sharp teeth, and an impressive mane.

He pondered it for a short moment before he replied. “Your Highness, I’m afraid I’m not the right person for this position right now.”

The princess looked back at him in surprise. Brendel’s forehead – which was knit in a tight frown – seemed to be slowly relaxing and slowly turning into a look of determination.

“Why?” she asked in confusion.

“Well… would Your Highness like to hear the truth or a lie?” Brendel looked up. The sky over the distant sea of Ampere Seale had a breathtaking blue tint to it; such beauty, however, was merely a sign for the next round of storms. The air was dense with the dampness from the sea as he and the princess walked to the pure white square. The half-elf princess was just slightly above his shoulder in height. She wore a long silver dress, its thin satin clinging to her porcelain-like skin. Her skirt’s folds fell in place like enormous flower petals, emphasizing the elf’s slimness perfectly.

“The truth, Mr. Brendel.” The princess sounded unhappy.

“Alright. The truth is, for centuries since the late King bestowed the sword to Krentel, the White Lion Legion has always been the sharpest sword in the kingdom. It would certainly be a good thing for us to legally obtain the right to inherit this army. However, Your Highness also understands that Sir Nevander, Valen Lleida, and that ‘left-handed’ general may not accept a stranger becoming the new head of the White Lion Legion, right?” Brendel was referring to the two remaining leaders of the White Lion Legion, Sharp Claws and Lion’s Mane, and the leader of the White Lion Blade Squad.

The only difference between today’s White Lion Legion and that of the Echeolonian period was the absence of the Secret Army. A new Secret Army replaced it, which later became the forerunner of the Black Blade Legion of today. The White Lion Legion was still left with three squads – Sharp Claws, Lion’s Mane, and Jude, along with the White Lion Blade Squad. The Jude Squad was formally led by Marquis Batta, and the remaining three men were actually eligible to succeed the head of the legion after Marquis Batta’s death.

The princess disagreed. “This is the last will of Sir Leider’ both Nicholas and the knight of the Holy Cathedral of Fire, Stephen, can attest to this. They have no right to object.”

“But isn’t that the White Lion which Your Highness wants? A sword that is only respectful and obedient on the surface. How is it different from the scheming ones in the north? There is no point in compromising with anyone, no matter who they are; we want a White Lion that is truly loyal to the ide

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