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“This is the Crystal Wight?”

Princess Gryphine witnessed Brendel turning the gray man’s body over to reveal a patch of amethyst-colored skin beneath the robe that had been cut apart. She looked up silently to see that the break at the corpse’s neck was like broken glass; the whole part was crystallized, with nary a trace of blood oozing out.

“This is the Crystal Wight.” Brendel stayed by the corpse for a moment before replying. “The living beings in certain magical crystals are affected by the Magic of the Moon. They become distorted and twisted into monsters. This Magic Beast is not common and is only occasionally found in magical crystal veins and crystal forests.”

“But it looks like a humanoid creature.” Princess Gryphine looked at the corpse quietly. “And what in the world does that have to do with anything? Mr. Brendel, are you aware of what’s happening at Yanbao?” She stood outside the door, not wanting to soil her hands with the blood that was everywhere in the house. Even though the beast’s body had already been hauled out and disposed of, the countess told the Coast Guards that a devil – which had fled during the Ampere Seale War – attacked her brother, before proceeding to let these guards see the body, which was clad in gray robes. All of those present couldn’t help but feel an anxious chill upon seeing the tragic state Akel was in; since such cases have been happening recently in the port of Ampere Seale from time to time, no one suspected anything then.

“He was a human when he had still been alive,” Brendel replied without hesitation, and he picked up a shard of crystal. “But it was the Crystallization that turned him into this.”

“Crystallization Disease?” Princess Gryphine lifted her head slightly and looked at Brendel with her beautiful silver eyes.

“I saw a case like this when I was learning about the scrolls. Some creatures living in the crystal veins gradually went mad and got the disease. Crystals grew on them and they became insane, then they began attacking humans.” Brendel stared at the crystal shard, the flowing light casting a narrow, glowing line on his face. “This was the earliest case of Crystallization, which happens in the Wilderness of the Four Realms.”

“This sounds like Demonization,” the princess replied with a frown.

“This is demonization.” Brendel nodded, but then sighed. “It’s because of the denseness of the magic gathered in the crystal veins. It is easier to trigger a Magic Erosion like this. However, crystallization is very specific. No one is sure why creatures such as the Crystal Wights exist, Theoretically, the existence of any species in Vaunte has a continuing history, but only the history of the Crystal Wights is blank. There has been some research on them, but so far we still have no clue about their past.”

The princess naturally assumed that the ‘we’ was referring to the Black Tower Mage, but in fact, Brendel had subconsciously used the

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