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The sound of the brass doorknob seemed to pierce through emptiness and loneliness in the dark; Princess Gryphine opened the wooden door and came out of the room, her silver curls resting against her beautiful face. Although there were still faint red circles around her eyes, she had mostly returned to her usual cold look.

“Magadal… has she been sleeping like this all these days?”

“Yeah, I heard she appears no different than the dead. She’s maintained basic physiological functions, though that’s only superficial.” An overly conscious girl’s voice replied before Brendel could answer. Looking to the direction of the voice, Princess Aloz’s curls shone like gold in the darkness as she took a red, wild fruit and took a bite, juice running down her mouth and chin; But the little female Dragon did not care, she just stared at Brendel and Gryphine with her golden pupils, “In fact, one can almost say that what’s lying on that bed is nothing more than a body with no soul – according to you humans, that description should be quite fitting, right? If she were a human, she should have already died.”

“The princess is asking me, Aloz,” Brendel replied with a stern face. Ever since this little female Dragon came to his territory, she had been using his name and the power of the Dragons to scam people for food, and the only commendable thing she had ever done was checking up on Magdal – but that too was driven by her curiosity. It was obvious that, despite her long travels in human society, she had not learned how to talk to people more tactfully and less bluntly.

“If she was asking me, I wouldn’t have answered. What do you take me for, Brendel?” Aloz narrowed her eyes ferociously, though the thirteen-year-old girl’s height was hardly intimidating.

“No need to argue, it’s nothing.” The Princess spoke up to interrupt them, she didn’t want Brendel to annoy the Dragons because of her. She asked quietly, “Countess. Do you have any thoughts on the alliance between Arreck and Radner?”

Aloz snorted.

Brendel was startled; he had expected Princess Gryphine to ask him about the Nun Princess first and not bring up this old matter. He had already figured out this issue in the carriage and decided that the most suitable tactic to deal with Count Radner was decapitation.

It was different now, no longer like the time he had first arrived in Trentheim when Count Radner had completely overpowered him. Right now, power-wise, Duke Arreck and Count Radner together might not even be a match for him. Duke Arreck had the famous Hawks and Silver Knights under him, as well as several well-known swordsmen, plus some retainers, while under Radner, there were only seven or eight Golden-ranked lackeys left, and even if Devard had not died in Ampere Seale that day, Brendel could have easily finished them off.

This was Vaunte after all, where personal strength accounted for a considerable portion of the war, such as some higher up commanders in several of t

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