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“Our goal is simple. There are three portals in total. If we even leave just one behind, the mission will be a failure.

“The task of finding the Analyzing Portal will be left to Amandina, while the others, including myself, are to cover her as she approaches the portal, and to protect her until she’s done.

“Do you have any more questions?”

Brendel looked at all of them. They would have to face thousands of Devils later and no one expected success except him. Most of those present only saw the action as a noble act. First of all, they had less than forty people and secondly, their opponent was an army of Devils. Short of a miracle, they were unable to see how they could secure victory.

Some of Anthony’s knights looked nervous. Some frowned deeply, while some others joked around as if they did not care. Garlock, the usually silent and quiet Seeker of Wonders, was demonstrating a spell model to Ciel. Nicholas, the Sword Grandmaster of Seifer, was polishing his longsword over and over again, and the Princess was staring at the darkness of Ampere Seale in the rain alone, daydreaming about something. All these actions seemed meaningless, however, it showed a certain extent of uneasiness among them.

Who could face death with equanimity when the final moment was so close?

But even so, everyone nodded silently. They did not know that there was still a trace of hope – that there was a chance – in the young man’s heart. They merely thought that it was a kind of chivalrous persistence and steadfastness, to still wish to initiate a challenge despite knowing that failure would be the outcome. In this day and age, such determination would be considered naive in the eyes of most nobles, and yet at the same time, it was rare and worthy of admiration, because no one could blaspheme the pursuit of ideals and honor itself.

That was exactly why the crowd had admiration for Brendel.

Brendel could more or less sense the meaning of this, but he was not going to explain the misunderstanding. “Well, too much time has been wasted. We only have five minutes to prepare, then we will leave immediately, so please hurry up or leave a will. You and I both understand that death is inevitable this time.”

Everyone was silent.

Only Ciel smiled. “It’s a pity, there should have been a chance for our descendants to build us a monument to record the events and heroic acts that will happen here today, with inscriptions that read ‘The great Trentheim and his entourages’, but it seems like that there’s no chance of that now. It’s still a question of whether anyone will remember us in the future,” the young wizard described in detail.

“Why would no one remember?” Dilferi on the other hand could not help but wonder.

“It’s simple, because some righteous Holy Cathedral will hide the truth, but can we stand up and go against it?” Ciel replied, and the wizard could not help but give a light laugh as well.


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