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The overwhelming number of Brute Devils that were circling mid-air flew towards the humans near the second Door of Flame, like a devil’s claw sweeping across the sky. Brendel could not help himself thinking about the Great Locust Plague of Solaniland that took place in the Year of the Second Trade Wind, when the locusts covering the sky was a scene similar to today’s.

The second Door of Flame crumbled completely into fragments, blending with the rain as they fell like thousands of golden butterflies, dissipating as they do so. As Gryphine stood in the rain looking up at those falling sparks, a glimmer of hope lit up in her eyes, and she pursed her lips and clenched her fists.

The remaining knights remained to be excited, their vanity and morale made it possible for them to seemingly forget about the situation they were in. Only Nicholas and Leider grew doubtful. They looked back at Brendel, knowing full well that Garlock had lost the majority of his troops on his way to the third portal. If they wanted to get to the third portal now, they could only hope for another miracle from Brendel.

The rain was so heavy that it even masked the shrieks of the devils in it.

Brendel stood in the rain and tried to keep an apathetic face. Although he wasn’t confident in his own ability to escape the predicament, he knew he should not look pessimistic and desperate. At least he could not show that side of him to his men.

“We have to slaughter a path out of here,” He gently spoke.

“H-how are we going to kill our way there?” Nicholas and the knights asked in unison. But unlike the knights, Nicholas’ voice wavered. Although the two of them were still going for each other’s throats just a few hours ago, he knew nothing about Brendel. Instead, he could only rely on the seemingly calm look Brendel had on his face as he faced the devils.

There aren’t many young swordsmen like Brendel in Aouine anymore… He’s just like me back when I was just learning how to spar with swords, although he may have accomplished more than me.He did not harbor any jealous thoughts to the young swordsman before him. Instead, he felt relieved at how dependable the boy was.

How shall we get out of this?Brendel thought.

It was a core issue for him. He looked at the red tide sweeping across the green meadows under the rain, and he could even feel a slight tremble from the ground. Even with the others beside him, their forces surmounted to a small number of twenty to thirty people at best. Besides, there were also many wounded and personnel incapable of combat, as well as non-combatants like Amandina and Dilfieri.

Even Brendel himself wouldn’t believe if someone told him that a group of his size managed to get past the devils. It would be a joke to attempt at defeating these monsters with pure perseverance.

There was only one chance now.

Buni’s Concealment Cloak could only last another 30 breaths worth of time. Or less than a minute. It was no probl

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