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The Holy War(15)

The sunlight was like a sharp sword, piercing through the mist. On the highlands, the flowers were laid out like beds and the flowing river sparkled silver, but spears lined up between the forests broke the serenity. The Highland Infantry marched together, and countless coats of arms and banners could be seen. Each was painted with various emblems, from lions and thorns to pelicans and garlands.

Finn’s Division, Constantine’s Division, Beale’s Division, and the Northern Coalition Army were rallying. The forest was dominated by thousands of spears, tips of these spears gleaming white as snow, shifting with the breath of the infantry. It created a scene of rippling silver and flashing light for miles around.

Looking into the distance, from the Anker Mountains, the southern area seemed to have turned a depressing black. The flags above the water waved around, an occasional flash of weaponry breaking through. Brendel pursed his lips, This is a real battle. It was only at this moment that he felt the illusion of returning to the past.

Everyone was gripping their swords so tightly that their knuckles turned white. Even the nobles’ private soldiers had forgotten to breathe, only looking at the huge army with their mouths wide open.

More soldiers appeared continuously from behind the army, their number already surpassing tens of thousands. If all these people were to breathe together, the sound of it might even be stronger than the rushing of the wind.

The gentle breeze blowing across the Mar Highlands was quickly calming down.

The air became humid and stifling, a sign of the coming storm. Across the green meadow, a knight left the main array of the Northern Coalition Army. He raised his spear and trotted towards the north.

“Quick, look! That is the genius knight of the port. Master intended to make him the commander, and I heard he was here to replace his father.”

“A twenty-year-old commander?”

“It’s because he’s a genius. I heard that the young Lord has fought many victorious battles against the Lion Beastmen. It was miraculous. The veterans who fought with him call him ‘Wagner’. Did you know that ‘Wagner’ is a hero in the legends of the mountain people?”


“The veterans are those who joined the Eleven Months War! He could actually command them. And only he could command them. I heard that Master is interested in nurturing and training him to become the next legion commander.”

“That’s absurd.”

“It’s possible, comrade. There’s a rumor going around saying the young Lord is a direct disciple of Earth Sword Saint Darius. Think about it, before the Sword Saint became famous, people also called him ‘Wagner’, right?”

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“I don’t think that’s possible, but I did hear that Master Darius had descendants, right? Nobody knew where he went, so maybe that descendant of his is the Lord Viscount. After all, Master Darius couldn’t bear loo

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