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The Holy War (23)

There was a lightning winding in the purple black sky, and the clouds were boiling like porridge. Suddenly, a red dot appeared in the center like a stone hitting water, a red circle rippled out half a mile in diameter.

A soft bzzt sounded.

“Brendel, this is…” Orthylss carefully spoke.

“I know.” Brendel expressionlessly observed the scene.

The soldiers beside the princess in the forest had finally noticed the change above their heads. They stiffly raised their heads and saw a huge shadow appearing under the red circle.

It was a battleship.

A huge ship with a four-layered gun-deck and a towering stern was slowly revealing itself from the shadow. On its side, three smaller red circles spread out in turn and three miniature frigates appeared in the storm.

The twelve red dots flashed in the sky. Knights in golden red attire holding long flaming swords formed a circle around the fleet.

“It’s the Holy Cathedral of Fire!”

“The fleet of the Holy Cathedral of Fire!”

The sudden appearance of the unknown army had affected the whole battlefield. Even Adega could not help but raise its huge head and look at the unexpected guests who suddenly broke into the air. Then the soldiers of the Northern Coalition Army also lowered their weapons one after another and looked up.

More and more red dots flashed in the storm like dancing red butterflies. Every time a red light flashed, a fully armored knight riding on a silver Pegasus appeared.

Then a wider red dot spread out miles away in the sky. The light spread out and a huge group of warrior monks appeared halfway up the sky. Each warrior monk had flaming wings on their back just like golden angels.

There was a moment of silence on the battlefield.

“The ship’s figurehead is in the shape of the Flame Goddess. It has thirteen wind sails, four-layer gun-decks, 110 artillery.” Brendel could not help but shake his head when he saw the scene before of him.

Ash class’s first-class battleship, Pelan.

Paladin Squad.

The subordinates of the Holy Cathedral of Fire were armed and were called the “Staff of Flames”.

The thirteen teal coloured sails spread out like a pile of teal clouds in the rainstorm. The giant ship in the middle of the sky was slowly turning.

The half naked goddess was glittering in the storm. It was the ship’s figurehead of the Flame Goddess.

The four battleships turned round in sequence with one side of the shipboard aimed at the Elemental Storm, Adega.

Adega had been sleeping for nearly a thousand years. It had never seen such a thing a thousand years ago and it was at this moment that it became keenly aware of the great danger that surrounded itself.

The wind carried the call of the Kirrlutz.

“Mages, standby!”

“Open the gun port!”

in the next moment, the four battleships shook vigorously at once. Then one side suddenly shot out several flashes of fire. “Ah!” Before anyone coul

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