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Two Glory Cards, Fire Djinn, Two Glorious Trumpeter, Unicorn Knights, Mana Loss, the Sea Wave Gem, and a Breaking Dawn Card.

Adding onto the Sun’s Blade Card in his hand, the Death Sentinels, an Echelonius Spellweaver, and two Tempest Cards.

Once the cycle ended, the process of Paradise of Adversity began to accelerate –

The flaming longsword in William’s hand was completely blocked by Anrolda’s Divine Ring, producing fiery red sparks. A figure then appeared beside Brendel, holding a golden staff in its hands and a sun crown ornament atop its head. The level 62 Martyr of Radiance has entered the battlefield .

The deputy leader of the Paladins had to back away, but not before killing the vampire baron who just entered the battlefield. At the same time, the Death Sentinels began to appear in large swarms above the battlefield, and for the first time in this battle, the Northern Coalition Army actually faltered and retreated.


Brendel played his first Glory Card.

The Desperate Trojan Horse, the Echelonius Spellweaver, and the Nightmare Forges’ cooldowns were reset.

He then played two Breaking Dawn Cards and one Echelonius Spellweaver all at once.

Light Elemental Pool: 24/50 (after replicating 8 Nightmare Forges, 10 Light EPs used for Anrolda’s Divine Ring.)

Dark Elemental Pool: 49/60 (2 Breaking Dawn Cards were sent to the Graveyard.) [T/L: for the record, Breaking Dawn was not explained until later in the chapters but it’s essentially a one-time use Card that replenishes 6 Light EP and 3 Dark EP)

The Sea Wave Gem was summoned using 10 Water EPs. It then used its special characteristics and sacrificed itself to bring the Glorious Trumpeters onto the battlefield.

Holding a golden horn and wearing a Greek-style white linen gown with a laurel wreath on her head, a young maiden appeared on the battlefield. This was the seventh Card of Paradise of Adversity, which itself only had the power of a Level 49 (Gold Rank) even under the Golden Battle Flag. However, by paying 1 Dark EP, she could use her ability and summon any Creature Card from the player’s hand to enter the battlefield.

Brendel ordered her to blow the horn, and then a second Glorious Trumpeter appeared on the battlefield.

Blowing the horn once more, Medissa, the Unicorn Knight appeared on the battlefield.

“My Lord!” The Silver Elf Princess exclaimed happily as soon as she saw Brendel, for she understood that her return to the battlefield meant that the cycle of Paradise of Adversity had been reached.

Brendel smiled at her slightly.

The actions earlier happened in an instant, as soon as William retreated. The nine Paladins immediately came up to attack Brendel. But with a flash of fire, the Infernal Hell Djinn appeared between them and Brendel.

Before anyone had time to even realize what was going on, the Infernal Hell Djinn exploded in their faces once again. A discontented grumble could be he

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