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The Abyss(6)

The demonic invasion quickly became the most urgent problem at hand. Everyone understood the weight of this report.

Wood hoped that the princess could release the captives of the Holy Cathedral of Fire and allow Konolia’s fleet to at least recover some fighting capacity in order to cope with the following war with the demons. However, Brendel did not immediately respond to this request. Time was tight, but it did not mean that he needed to hand over his previous victories in battle.

The war took a break and both sides needed a rest. It was impossible that the demons would immediately appear in front of them. These creatures from the Sulfur River would be hindered from moving under the heavy rain. Even in the worst-case scenario, he would still have more than ten hours to negotiate with Kirrlutz.

Brendel’s request was very simple but it was also very demanding.

The Northern Army Coalition should return all the captives belonging to the princess, including His Royal Highness the Little Prince.

After that, the Holy Cathedral of Fire had to bear all the losses from the war, because Brendel determined that the northern nobles had initiated the war under their instigation. He did not care if it was true or not.

This included cash and trade compensation agreements.

Of course, the compensation would be paid privately, to preserve the faces of Kirrlutz people. Brendel could still meet this little request, as he only paid attention to the practical benefits.

The trade compensation agreement was the compensation method proposed by Brendel. On the surface, it was a preferential policy for the Kingdom of Aouine given by the Kirrlutz Empire. But in fact, there were many detailed conditions, including two important technology deals.

The drawings of the magic conductor and the manufacturing technology of the imperial “fearless” first-class battleship.

This was certainly a scam.

Seeing these two conditions, at that moment Wood’s face expression was as dark as the storm clouds over Ampere’s sea, flicking his sleeves, he left without saying a word.

He then sent an envoy to negotiate with Brendel.

The envoy had just claimed that if Brendel did not cooperate, the holy cathedral would give up Aouine, in which case the Kirrlutz would only lose some of their pride. On the other hand, if this were to happen, the best ending for Aouine would be severe carnage and the worst ending would be the annihilation of the country.

If these words were to be heard by Aouine’s nobles, it would undoubtedly be a huge shock to them. Even her highness would be swayed by the threat. But after listening to this, Brendel just smiled and told Morpheus to throw this guy out of the campsite.

What a joke.

He knew the holy cathedral’s weakness well. The Kirrlutz people probably did not just want to save their face. What was more important was that the secret of the Door of Flame must not fall into the ha

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