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After the knot in her heart was untied, she easily managed everything. Even Brendel was relieved to see her so headstrong and resilient again. He may have liked the helpless looking princess back then, but compared to her now, she was far more alluring.

That’s most likely because she fits the image I’ve had of her.

But Brendel didn’t let his guard down. Although the princess might be temporarily uplifted, for now, it did not change the fact that they were still in a very difficult situation. And at least before the preparations were ready, Brendel knew she still had one more problem in mind…

He did not intend to speak up but he was waiting for someone else to raise the question. Oberwei was attentive and Maynild wasn’t stupid either. There’s no need for him to be a smart aleck.

And when Brendel looked over, he was fascinated by Maynild. She was just standing there silently, releasing an aura that was familiar to him.

Familiar but yet unfamiliar.

The room was quiet for a moment. Maynild naturally felt the gaze of the young man staring at her, but every time she looked at him, she would see him avert his eyes quickly.

“Hmm,” The Maynild frowned slightly. Not far from her, Princess Gryphine was working when she suddenly turned around and looked at Oberwei who was also working silently.

She wants to speak with me,Maynild thought to herself.

“Your Royal Highness, how do we deal with Prince Haruz?” she asked silently.

The sentence struck her, and the princess was stunned briefly. Brendel even saw her slender fingers shiver.

It was unavoidable. Ever since Haruz entered the Royal Cavalry Academy, he was under the guidance of the Royal Faction. It may seem like protection, but as time grew on, it became closer to that of surveillance and custody. Finally, he became the Royal Faction’s hostage. Adding the fact that Makarov, Marquis Baal, and the others were not easy to mess with, it would be hard to get the young prince back.

“Of course we have to get him back, we cannot let my brother become their hostage.” the princess replied. But how?the princess frowned. She could only command a small team of amateurs who had yet to graduate from the Academy, and their numbers were not even half of the Royal Cavalry.

Furthermore, the princess had not officially broken up with the Royal Faction. They could not. If they did lose the hostage, there would be a chance that the Royal Faction may side with the Holy Cathedral of Fire. But chances of that happening is slim, so it was not that big of a concern.

The room fell silent.

“Why don’t we try to negotiate with the other nobles?” Oberwei offered. “If we’re really at our last straw, maybe we can seek help from the Knight of the Lake, who knows – “

“I will try to convince Freya,” Maynild answered softly. She was as calm as a statue and did not show a hint of anxiety.

The strength shown by the Knight of the Lake was second only to Andesha whom Brendel met

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