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Brendel’s sword broke through the door, and the solid oak door was smashed to bits. His black coat was like a blooming rose among the flying wood scraps. The rose petals opened, from which came an icy sword. The blade of the sword pointed directly at the noble boy on the bed with one hand on the Countess’ neck.

Akel probably never thought that someone would suddenly break the door. Startled, he shrieked in a rush of rage, “Damn you Anurek, where are you!”

The next moment, Brendel saw a shadow coming at him, but he had guessed that there was someone else in the house even before the boy shouted. He reflexively retracted his sword, and with a sharp ‘clank,’ Brendel felt the Halran Gaia blocking something. He narrowed his eyes and saw a transparent sword that shone like an icy crystal.

“Get out of here!”

With that roar, the sharp crystal blade pressed harder against the Halran Gaia, trying to slash Brendel’s wrist. But the Halran Gaia projected forward, and its majestic power was like a tsunami that sent the thin crystal blade flying.

Brendel felt the gray shadow retreat and then saw the gray cloak of the sword-wielding man slip down to the floor. The person underneath the hood was like a monster from a nightmare, covered in dark smoke, its face could not be clearly seen.

The ghostly figure hissed, there was both shock and anger in his voice. He did not think that this young man would have such terrifying power, unaware that it was because of Brendel’s Spectral Knight Crystal. His strength was naturally much higher than others in the same realm, not to mention, achieving the Golden Peak at twenty years old was a miracle in itself.

And Brendel was the creator of this miracle. He was not going to give the other party any chance to recover. His long black coat closed in as wood shards continued to fall and another black light struck at the strange man.


The ghost hissed eerily as if it recognized Brendel’s swordplay. It had already been swept back towards the bed by Brendel’s sword. It had no choice but to raise its crystal longsword in defense. However, as the two swords met, only a shattering sound was heard, and waves emitted from the crystal.

Without saying a word, Brendel continued to move forward with the Halran Gaia in his hand, and in the next moment, the shining blade in the gray-robed monster’s hand exploded into countless pieces.

The creature let out a scream, realizing the insurmountable gap in capability between him and the young man. At the last moment, it raised its head and sent a Debilitating Wave straight to Brendel’s head.

Debilitating Shock.

The Debilitating Wave was moved extremely quickly, and with a very short distance between the two of them. It left no time or space for Brendel to dodge. The Debilitating Shock had pierced straight into his head before he could even react.

Unfortunately, this time, the ghostly figure had clearl

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