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“Brendel, do you want me to let Romaine…”

“No, there’s no need for that Freya. I’m used to it. Let her do whatever she wants; she knows the limit. By the way, just make sure that she doesn’t come back crying to me again.”

This conversation took place against the backdrop of the verdant avenues of the Gladys Forest. The long convoy made its way through scattered patches of light. The knights, dressed in gold and red robes, proceeded in an orderly fashion – all except for one. The merchant lady, clad in snowy armor and armed with the Azure Lance, ran around the convoy shouting without shame.

This was already the second time she had done so this week, and it was a good thing that the knights were already familiar with this ‘lovely countess’. At any rate, as long as they got out of the way, they would at least be able to avoid being bowled over. Even if the merchant lady was clumsy, at least she wouldn’t hit the carriage, right?

Freya looked back and couldn’t help but gently sigh. She had thought that Brendel would be able to at least restrain Romaine a little after she went to the Royal Cavalry Academy. However, it was apparent that it was nothing more than just wishful thinking now.

At least, so far no one could successfully rein in this lady.

She looked at Brendel and nodded to him, before lowering the curtain. She then directed her horse over to Scarlet, who was at the front. The mercenary lady looked around at her surroundings with familiarity. Unlike Freya, the South was as close to home to her.


“Lady Freya.” Scarlet turned back and acknowledged her respectfully.

“Scarlet, I’ve told you many times already that you can just call me Freya. I’m not a noble, and before I became a knight, I was just like you, from the southern countryside.” Freya frowned.

Scarlet was slightly sheepish. “Freya, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have given Miss Romaine the Azure Lance… I didn’t think she was so…”

She suddenly felt that she was being a little rude, but she couldn’t find a better adjective to describe Romaine’s current state. Freya saw her struggle and comforted her. “It’s alright. She’s not exactly a pampered lady, so it’s fine… She’s just the way she is.” She sighed somewhat weakly. “I grew up with her as a child. I really admire myself for surviving to this day… but Romaine is actually a very nice person. She’s just a bit childish.”

Scarlet looked over at that spot again and couldn’t help but feel a deep understanding.

But when she turned back, her gaze still inevitably directed itself to the carriage.

Brendel lowered the curtains. After nearly a month of observation, he could basically confirm the state of the Holy Lance of Heaven. The Holy Lance in Scarlet’s hand was clearly not the full physical form of the legendary star-striking Holy Lance, and the fact that the Holy Lance had multiple seals on it was one of the possibilities he had already thought of.

It was just that Brendel didn’t

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