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The hills to the north of Ampere Seale connected the gently sloping terrain around the bay with large pine forests on rolling hillsides and densely packed woodland. The woodland edged downward and the view from the slope was extremely wide. If you looked towards the huge and dusky harbor today, you would see a scorched piece of land, with three huge portals standing on it like three great golden rings of fire.

Peering through the portals, you could see a world of flowing lava. To be precise, that was the Sulfur River beneath Jorgendy Ridge, in which some legends believed that it was connected to the Scorched Prison of the Fire Elemental Plane.

Numerous devils swarmed around the portal, including red-skinned imps and the more fearsome Longhorn Devils. These low-level devils of lesser status and intelligence fought each other by the portal while tearing at the human limbs in a sickening fashion.

Then Brendel also saw hundreds of Hellhounds resting on the side of the hill, led by a couple of Hellhound leaders with three heads. There were also several Devil Warlocks by the portal with reddish-purple skin that looked almost like humans except for the long horns on their heads. These more cunning and higher-ranked devils were watching with interest as the lower-ranked devils fought each other.

Such a fight would often turn into a bloodbath and sometimes, one side would brutally kill the other. However, that wasn’t something uncommon among the devils. On the contrary, it was a sight that they were used to.

They were a bunch of chaotic and twisted devils after all.

Brendel, wearing the cloak handed to him by the princess, hid in the bushes and calmly observed it all. He was the only one who didn’t need Brass Binoculars to see the whole port of Ampere Seale very clearly turning into hell.

He sighed quietly, not having too much attention to pray for the souls of the departed even though those who died at the hands of devils also had family, friends and even romantic partners. But to be honest, one would be more or less indifferent to the suffering of others if they were not the ones experiencing them. It was not human nature, but a creature’s instinct to protect itself. To be honest, Brendel himself was not someone who overflowed with compassion, but he was here to try to protect the things he cared about.

He’d told himself that history had brought him back here and that his goal was to save the old kingdom from that tragedy. If he gave up on this goal, Brendel feared that he would be completely swallowed up by this huge world.

All his confidence came from the half-elf princess who was looking towards the port with her silver eyes, a hint of sadness tingeing them. “What exactly have we done wrong?” Gryphine couldn’t help but mumble.

Brendel couldn’t relate to that kind of confusion because this kingdom didn’t have any historical meaning to him, only a future. Just as the princess would pre

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