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Once the Longhorn Devil died, the little devils – having lost their restraints – scattered in front of Nicholas. This wasn’t really surprising to Brendel; the devils from under the Sulfur River were not a proper army to begin with. They were chaotic, selfish, bloodthirsty, cruel, and not necessarily willing to go to war to fight for the benefit of the masses, especially for the Imps, who preferred to slaughter unarmed civilians.

The Lantonilan knights finally slaughtered a bloody path up to meet with Brendel. The knights suffered heavy casualties; almost everyone was wounded and their numbers were reduced by more than half. They haven’t given in purely because Brendel’s god-like attack injected a powerful dose of confidence into everyone.

Casualties were to be expected, but what was really inspiring was the Door of Flame that had turned into thousands of sparks floating in the rain – no one dared to believe that they had done it.

But, in truth, Brendel actually did it.

Nicholas stepped forward and pulled Brendel up from the ground. By then, Brendel had almost fully recovered from his injuries with the help of holy water. However, the holy water didn’t help with the weakness that came after the blood loss. He helped Amandina up and looked at everyone to see the trust written on their faces.

“Master Garlock, teleport us to that portal near the beach now,” Brendel said.

Garlock peered at him. Not everyone had such fearlessness in the face of danger. He had seen many children of nobles who had never been in battle boasting, but then they were terrified out of their minds the moment they entered combat. Those battles of the past were very different compared to today’s battle.

He nodded and picked up his staff. Then, he began to chant the spell. The Laws of Space and Time, as the power second only to the power of existence, had the highest authority among all the Laws. Even though he was an Elementally Enlightened mage, he still could not make contact with the highest tiered Laws so easily.

In fact, there were teleportation spells starting from the ninth tier. The Elementalists called it the Bridge of the Four Realms and the Conjurers called it Partial Teleportation, but that was just them being witty. The Elementalists reached their destinations through four corresponding Elemental Planes, while the Conjurers casted themselves into the sea of magic, before turning to the Principal Material Plane to teleport.

However, both were incomplete teleportations. The former could only reach a specific location and the latter had no fixed teleportation point. It was a random teleportation and was also dangerous, so it often was used for escape.

True Spatial Magic only existed from the tenth tier and above, where the magic of Laws existed. A Conjurer needed to request the highest authority from the Code of Order to open the gates of space, a process that had a great cost. To a Conjurer, it meant

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