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The Holy War(22)

Brendel silently looked at the weak girl who never had a companion in history. Except for a few players, no one knew the real ideals of the Royal Princess. Even the nobles who supported her did not understand what she persisted after.

In order to win the support of the Royal Faction and Duke Arreck, she had to compromise again and again. Some players even stigmatized her as a political prostitute, but she had to retain the aristocratic rule in order to maintain the most basic requirements to achieve her ultimate goal.

But the development of history was hard to predict. This was the tragedy of the Royal Princess.

She had to go against her ideals again and again. Although she had tried to offset it, it eventually became impossible to turn back. When she finally decided to give up the past and move forward, those new aristocrats who once supported her immediately abandoned her.

Maybe she should have left behind this decadent thinking right from the start and win the help of the people who would have supported her. But she was a princess born in the Royal Family, thus deeply afraid of the power of the aristocracy.

But at last, someone had stood up to support her.

Brendel thought quietly that maybe this was a change. Let her know that the aristocracy of the kingdom were not the only ones that she could rely on. In this ancient kingdom, there were many who hoped for change such as Freya, Amandina, and even the descendants of Carglise’s aristocracy. It was just that they could not express themselves and could not see past the fog of history.

But he could see through everything. He did not even need to guess, history and the future were all within his reach. Brendel understood what was right and what was wrong.

The northern nobles were addicted to the authority of the past. All their efforts were to continue the current situation. However, there were some people determined to get rid of the malpractice of the past and understood that this ancient kingdom could only be reborn on its ruins.

He looked back and saw Carglise was lying on a simple stretcher, winking at him from not far away. Whereas Amandina smiled and nodded to him, as if she felt a sense of relief.

Princess Gryphine took a deep breath.

She looked over Brendel’s shoulder. The scene of Adega plundering the Northern Coalition Army in the valley was reflected in her silver eyes. She sighed gently.

“Thank you, Mr. Brendel.”

“Aouine’s people still inevitably fought against each other but having lost half of the Black Blade Squad’s armies, the northern nobles will reconsider their positions. If the Holy Cathedral of Fire doesn’t want Aouine to be trapped in a long lasting civil war, they may turn to compromise with us. ”

“The kingdom must experience the pain of rebirth. It is better to do it all in one battle at the Ampere Seale than to bleed slowly. Mr. Brendel has changed the future of Aouine and saved man

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