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Is It Really Okay to Cheat?

The bad feeling turned into a sudden burst of ecstasy, and Brendel wondered aloud, “Wait, do you mean the legendary, indestructible Golden Heart? The legendary heart of the Golden Dwarves that promised immortality?”

Brendel’s voice was almost shaking. The Golden Heart had actually appeared in the game before. Its attributes include doubling the maximum HP cap and defensive power cap and increasing life recovery abilities by 300%. In addition, the heart would no longer be a vital spot.

While the first three did not entice him too much, the final perk did a blow. With that weakness gone and taking his Unyielding Talent into account, he can be practically unkillable to most run-of-the-mill enemies.

At that moment, he wanted to jump up from the bed and hug the little female dragon and give her a kiss.

“Hey, seems like you know it quite well. That’s the one I was talking about.”

“You planted that one on me?” Brendel had conflicted feelings about having a heart transplant, regardless that it was only in a game. He was a living, breathing human being within this game, and he always felt like he might become some freak if any parts of him were replaced.

“Of course not.” Aloz shook her head, “Do you think that I just have something like that in my pockets? Who would know that you would just damage your heart out of the blue. I had no choice but to stuff the Titan’s Lightning Core into you.”

“It’s a good thing that it is fully energized, if not I would not have been able to stuff that thing into your little body.”

“I……” Brendel could not believe what he had just heard. Dammit, you shouldn’t mess around like that. He felt bitter; it sounded like she used him for an experiment. What human uses a Titan’s Lightning Core as his heart? Wouldn’t that require changing the blood in his veins into electricity?

He could already see the picture of him spewing electricity from his wounds the next time he got hurt. He shuddered at the thought.

“Why do you look so gloomy, you look like you’re about to die.” Aloz immediately noticed Brandel’s abnormality: “Are you doubting my skills?”

Brendel looked at Aloz; his gaze was screaming “heck yes I doubt you.”

“Ugh. You should just check for yourself then.”

Brendel was mildly surprised. Aloz wanted him to test out his own body’s condition, which was an ability that people have once they enter the Elemental Realm, but Brendel opened his attributes panel instead.

He found out that all his attributes were normal and that his health was in a good state. His eyes swept across the EP and Recovery EP columns and found that they had been doubled. Moreover, his Willpower, which was already extremely high, had gone up another notch.

And they all had an extra-label behind their names: Energy Strengthening. It was clearly due to the Lightning Core.

But theoretically, the Lightning Core should belong in the equipment category, and Br

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