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May: History & Visitation

Most of what had happened after Princess Gryphine and Brendel left Wood’s residence had actually become predictable.

The king’s eldest son resumed his position as Duke Seifer, as if symbolizing yet another royal compromise to the localities. It was a compromise that had been repeated throughout the history of this kingdom, and that eventually formed a vicious cycle – one that started since the increasing power of the localities that began from the Year of Thunder.

It seemed like history was repeating itself, but regardless, at least the tide of unrest in the North had calmed down again with the intervention of the Holy Cathedral of Fire and the placation of the king’s eldest son himself. The storm had stopped.

Privately, it was said that some nobles were celebrating the hard-won victory from the Battle of Ampere Seale, and the kingdom – which had been in a state of mess and disarray – seemed as if it had returned to the period during the Year of the Astrologer. Merchants grumbled as there seemed to be a resurgence of local thieves and plunderers, but beneath the surface, changes were being made secretly and quietly in secrecy.

Brendel understood that the princess could not sit back and allow Prince Levin to gain influence in the North, even if they had a secret agreement, and even if the other was her brother in name. However, there was no room for personal feelings in politics, not to mention that the Holy Cathedral of Fire didn’t wish to see signs of a renewed division between the North and South in Aoine. The people of the Kirrltuz hoped that the ancient kingdom would maintain its apparent stability, at least until the end of the Holy War.

It was only a stability that was apparent on the surface..

In addition to these publicly-known reasons, there were more immediate conflicts of interest that determined this. This was because in the North, there were the domains of the royal family of Covardo itself in addition to the inherent domains of House Seifer. Yanbao and Janilasu also had many areas, and the princess’s party was unlikely to surrender to these complex spheres of influence.

Hence, as part of the exchange, the princess regained control of the White Lion Legion as expected. However, it was probably because the prince himself was unwilling to take control of an army that was not loyal to his cause; ever since the Lionheart Sword reappeared, there were many people in the White Lion Legion who vocally sided with the princess.

This was slightly different from the known history. In the other history, the White Lion Legion did not truly support the Royal Faction until Freya took full control of the former.

But this time, they continuously lost two of their veteran leaders. They had clearly lost their original verve.

Bennett, Jocko, and Enrique – who had survived the First Battle of Ampere Seale – were ordered to the North to receive this legion. The new head of th

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