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The devils seemed to have spotted the human’s movements ahead of time as countless eagle devils took flight into the starless sky. The flagship of the Royal Aouine Fleet, HMS Victory, kicked off the battle with its cannonade and a test shot upon an eagle devil. The shell exploded in a shower of light when it hit the eagle devil. The crossbowmen on the side of the ship watched as the flurry of wings and feathers practically blocked out the intense light from the explosion. Those shells were like stones thrown into the sea.

There were endless enemies.

The wizard watched the effects of the shelling through the porthole in the door, the light from the flames of the explosion turning his face pale. He took a sheet of paper filled with tables to record the charge as well as the amount of infused magic on it. The messenger took the paper from him and spread the orders.

A moment later, the entire fleet let out a roar, and countless shells whistled towards the dense group of eagle devils. A flash of light from another explosion blossomed between these monsters, the shockwave of the explosion virtually forming a tidal wave of blood, pushing countless feathers and limbs forward. Mutilated chunks of corpses fell as though they were rain.

The dormant earth was awakened by the roar of the rainy night. The rumbling sounded as though it surged from the forests that stretch from Bunuo to the Silver Sheath Cliffs, the imaginary blood flowing through huge veins beneath the surface. Each and every soldier felt the ground beneath his feet shuddering slightly, like a living thing. The flash of the explosions overhead shone a clear light between the sky and the earth, giving a panoramic view of the pitted battlefield near Fort Bunuo. Flags were being raised one by one on the edge of the battlefield, when an army of humans appeared.

The Allied Forces of Mankind went on the offensive.

The goal of the Aouine and the Kirrultz people was to capture several villages near Fort Bunuo in order to entice the devils to put more troops into the frontal battlefield. However the fireballs of the Devil Warlocks at the top of Fort Bunuo caused great trouble for the entire battlefield, and the battle progressed slower than expected.

Freya, along with the sergeants under her and the Lantonilan knights, moved briskly along a patch of woods in the middle of the battlefield, and they soon arrived near Fort Bunuo. Their goal was to capture this ancient fortress. Freya immediately ordered an attack after observing the terrain, and hundreds of Lantonilan knights immediately attacked the gaping hole in the crumbling walls of the fortress.

The Imps guarding the hole were not their match; these scrawny inferior devils were notoriously timid and cowardly in the Sulfur River. They had neither magic nor any fighting skills and the higher devils didn’t even acknowledge them as devils. The higher devils merely treated them as things to be ex

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