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There were definitely a few events in Vaunte’s long history that were destined to shine like bright stars in the night sky, but the most glorious of these was undoubtedly the legend in the Pale Poem about the Azure Knight who started the age of mortals with his lance.

The Kirrultz people wrote about the beginning of the world in a historical poem, a world that was born from imagination.

At the beginning of everything, the world was in a state of chaos, surrounded by water and wind, fire and lightning. The first creatures were born in the water and multiplied on land. They were then blessed by the wind and given wisdom by the fire.

From her mouth, Marsha uttered the name Nainta. The six elements that surrounded the world were light, darkness, wind, water, fire, and earth. Fourteen thousand gods were also formed in the original rules to govern everything.

Everything was a success.

In the first epoch before the glory, the gods built kingdoms above the clouded earth, and giant towers through the heavens connected the kingdoms of mortals and gods.

But then, all hell broke loose.

This was an account that began with the Pale Poem. Players had repeatedly speculated that this war was the war between the Gods, the Golden Race, and the Twilight Dragon.

It was a history that Vaunte had long since been far removed from, and the rivalry between all Wise Beings and the Twilight Dragon seemed to have existed since before the beginning of the Era. After the first epoch collapsed, subsequent accounts of the Azure Knights appeared for the first time in history.

The historical poem read:

The Azure Knight shouted out to the mountains, “Mountains, I challenge you!”, and the mountains answered him, “Let the ice and snow be added to his shoulders, let the wind make it impossible for him to move forward, let the fog cloud his vision, let the cold rob him of his right hand and eyes.”

However, the Azure knight was destined to be the owner of that lance.

The hero stood above the lofty mountain, firm and unshaken, one year after another.

The mountains whispered, “Behold, this is the master of the lance.” They bowed down and called him king.

That lance was the Holy Lance that shattered the heavens and pierced the heart of the Twilight Dragon, causing the stars to fall to the earth, leading to the beginning of the Second Mortal Age.

The Holy Lance, the Vault of the Heavens. Everyone present was familiar with this account. Whether they be human or elf, knight or princess, or even a witch, it was as if they had been told all this at birth. This was a piece of history known to everyone who lived on the continent, whether it was a farmer in the middle of nowhere or an educated nobleman, no one was ignorant about it.

That history was from so long ago that it seemed like a legend. However, it was a truthful account, and the stars in the sky could bear witness to this.

Legend mentioned tha

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