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As the rain poured down, the black hole dragged the Longhorn Devil that had pounced on Brendel back into the Sulfur River, before it closed completely. The two remaining Longhorn Devils struggled to get up from the ground. Brendel too got up from the mud. Suddenly, a shout came from Amandina.

“My lord, the first node is directly above the portal, and the other two are on the pedestal!” The noble lady was a little excited.

Brendel’s mind was certain that Amandina’s speed vastly surpassed his expectations – she was way faster than he thought she would be. He immediately ordered Ciel through Psychic Connection. “Ciel, the connection points between the portal and the Laws of Space are directly above the portal and both sides of the pedestal!”

“I got it.”

Ciel turned back and relayed the order to Garlock. The Lantonilan knights immediately surrounded them. Two mages, one old and one young, raised their hands at the same time and two beams of blue light pierced through the rain. It crossed the entire battlefield and hit the portal.

Those two beams were like two dazzling spears. The spears hit the portal’s aperture and it immediately radiated the most dazzling light. The light was like rippling water, spreading out in circles. The golden-red portal trembled, and then the light immediately dimmed.

A little bit more.

The two Longhorn Devils were shocked. If the portal was destroyed by even one of these humans, the subsequent army arriving at this port would be heavily delayed. They could clearly picture themselves being tormented for eternity for failing in their duties by having their souls extracted from them by their lord.

Demons took pleasure in inflicting pain, but that pain was not enjoyable when it inflicted on them. The Longhorn Devils came to their senses completely. They immediately turned back and pounced on the Lantonilan knights, as though the smell of Brendel’s blood wasn’t appealing to them anymore

Three or four hundred meters on the battlefield was a mere blink of an eye for these Elementally Enlightened monsters, and there were no imps and Hellhounds in front to block them. If they wanted to, they could certainly do something to stop them before Ciel and Garlock cast their next spell.

But how could Brendel let them have their way? He had been trembling here for half a day just to buy time, hadn’t he?

He immediately used his Dash, shooting like an arrow at one of the Longhorn Devils. Brendel aimed at its back and struck it with his sword. The demon didn’t dare to directly intercept it, so it had to turn and swipe the blade away with its claws.

But as soon as it stopped, the demon completely fell into Brendel’s machinations.

Brendel’s long sword was knocked off to the side, but he took a step forward and dealt the demon a hard blow on its abdomen with the hilt. The Longhorn Devil took a step back with a grunt, but Brendel did not relent and continued to press f

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