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The Holy War(21)

The creationalism poem of the Kirrlutz people, “Poetry of the God” claimed that the four elven kings and their subordinate elements were the guardians of this world. However, this agreement was only between them and Marsha. These elements were violent and ferocious and human beings rarely got along with them peacefully, just as the situation now.

After the lightning cage failed to work, Adega the Rager directly moved to the third stage. Brendel immediately became alert and lost interest in observing the fight, instantly turning around toshout, “Your Royal Highness Princess, please immediately order all divisions to return to the south of Anker Mountain.”

Before anyone could process the words, there was a muffled noise coming from underground. It was like the sound of a building collapsing. They looked up and saw countless furious Elemental Storms bursting out from beneath the ruins of the holy cathedral where the slit where Adega was at. At the same time, the purple black thunderclouds surged in the sky and began to crash down lightning storms.

The scene was like “The Final Judgement” described in the Black Prophecy that went:”Between heaven and earth is the scene of the end of the world, electricity and fire descends from the clouds, the Twilight Knights ride across the fire rain, finally burning everything.” Everyone turned pale. The private soldiers of Count Audine were frightened to the point where their limbs went weak. Her Royal Highness the Princess also paled but she remained calm. She immediately placed an order, “Count Audine! The sergeant of Royal Cavalry Academy requested to retreat immediately to the direction of Anker mountain. Mr. Brendel, please lead our Naga team to retreat.”

Brendel looked back at the scene of disaster. He was probably the only one among them who did not feel afraid, instead feeling familiar with the scene. His blood boiled with a player’s eagerness to explore and take risks. He turned again and added, “And remember not to leave beyond the area of this valley!”

Princess Gryphine looked at him and nodded.

In fact, there was no need for an order as the Dragon Cavalry of Southern Legion had already started to retreat. The last to leave was Grey Fins after everyone had entered the forest. Bridget the Sea Demon glanced at him with beautiful bright yellow eyes as she passed Brendel and said in a rustling voice, “You may not be a good commander but you are a good prophet.”

Brendel’s heart was pounded and looked at her with uncertainty.

“You don’t have to be surprised. The water tells me everything.” Bridget the Sea Demon, saluted him, then slid into the forest with her ritual long blade, her long tail like a snake.

“What did she say to you?” Sani came up and asked curiously. Bridget the Sea Demon, was considered high leveled among the Grey Fins Nagas. It had never seen her tempted by a male creature regardless of if it was a Naga or a human.


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