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[The battle was already reaching its climax as the Echelonius were building their platinum wooden horse, but it was as if redemption came at the last moment that the Echelonius regained hope under such desperation.

It was just one step from hell to heaven.] –Kelsie Newmanksi.

Desperate Trojan Horse, 25 Dark EPs; Treasure – Divine Artifact; Effect: This card enters the battlefield tapped. Pay 40 Willpower to search your deck for four Creature cards and place them into the battlefield. If there are 40 non-black Undead creatures on the battlefield when this card enters into play, you can search your deck for four Creature cards and place them into the battlefield.

‘There are opportunities hidden within a storm; hope lies within adversity.’

The Desperate Trojan Horse entered the battlefield.

A gear ball floated above Brendel’s head and his dark Elemental Pool decreased to 1660. Then the deck in front of him unfolded layer by layer and dozens of Cards of Fates circled around him, but only the Creature cards were lit up.

These cards were: the Vampire Baron, Rune Summoner, Glorious Martyr, the remaining five Death Sentinels, four Glorious Trumpeter, four Echelonius Spellweaver, one Pristine Archangel, and one Silver Colt.

Brendel stretched out his arm and chose the Glorious Martyr, Vampire Baron, and two Death Sentinels, then he placed the others out of the battlefield.

Above the battlefield, the Kirrlutz’s White Winged Knight had started to gather.

The White Winged Knight that hovered in the sky attacked again, but this time they were about to fight against the Mercenaries of Lopez and Ropar’s two troops of Fireclaw spearmen that were already on stand-by.

With a cold expression, Ferlarn stretched out her fingers and ice cones shot out from behind her while the icy cold wind with crystals formed cyclones and swept across the White Winged Knight’s formation, covering their armors with a thick layer of frost. The low temperature slowed the Pegasuses’ wings as well as their advancing speed.

Ferlarn shot a bolt of lightning from her fingertip, but her objective wasn’t the gold-ranked knights on the pegasuses. Although the Elemental could suppress the knights, it was too powerful and time-consuming to kill them. Her goal was the pegasuses. Those heavily armored knights were built for group assaults, but they would be nothing without their mounts.

Although Ferlarn was young, she was a qualified Mercenary of Lopez after all and was known by the players as an existence who lived to battle. According to herself, she had participated in many White City and gentile battle

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