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The Abyss(4)

For one to say that Maynild was cold-blooded was naturally because of the results of her previous battle. Magic disintegration was not uncommon in Vaunte. Magical items are closely tied to their owner’s powers. When a magical item’s owner dies, most items lose their magic while some even disintegrate.

However, this kind of disintegration does not happen all the time Some specially treated equipment– such as the Wind Empress’s Ring– would not exhibit magic disintegration, while for regular equipment, losing about two-thirds of its magic was considered normal. Similar to the existence of Elemental Activation, Vaunte in this era was definitely a big-time hotshot. The magical equipment they possessed was definitely not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill goods. However, under Maynild’s inspection, there was only a standard longsword left.

Luck is sometimes an abstract concept, yet still at times an undeniable presence. At least that was what Brendel thought before Maynild removed the bracelet from William’s dead body.

He froze for a moment before saying to the female knight, “Can I have a look?”

Maynild passed the bracelet directly into his hands without even thinking about it. Brendel did not need to look at it to know what its properties were, but even so, due to the player instincts he built up throughout the years, he eagerly opened the window.

A pale green, translucent light screen that only he could see appeared, and on it, there were a few lines of Elvish text. Because this equipment has a very close relationship with the wild elves:

Glow Wave (Bracelet).

A Silver ranked ancient magic item. (Equipment requirements: 225Oz).

Strength +27, Physique +22, Perception +6.

Special effect: 5% Experience Increase.

Special effect: Darkness Perception +3.

Sure enough, it was exactly the same. Brendel held the bracelet and felt completely relieved. Although it was only ancient grade equipment, the Glow Wave was well-known in the game. First of all, its owner William was no slacker, and secondly, the bracelet itself had extremely powerful attributes with power +27, physique +22, and perception +6. In comparison, a gold peak warrior’s main attribute was only around five hundred levels. And right now, although his realm has reached the Elemental Awakening, his attributes were still stuck in the upper reaches of gold, and his main attribute has yet to exceed three hundred.

To put it simply, a piece of normal equipment that can improve its attributes by more than a tenth was already quite good. But Glow Wave was much more powerful than that because other than the attributes, Experience Increase and Darkness Perception were the most important components of this ancient bracelet.

As for Experience Increase, needless to say, was an extremely rare attribute and even more so, Darkness Perception was a crucial attribute in the game. The most important function of Darkness Perception was th

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