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The army of thousands marched in the rain, silent except for the crunch beneath their feet. The grey sheen of metal covered a wide expanse of ground, reflected by the soldiers’ armors.

“Who are they?” One of the guards on the wall looked to his comrade.This army looks extremely strong. I can’t believe that there was such a powerful army in Aouine. Are they from Castle Kurco? Or are they from the frosty battlefields of the Northern Highlands?

A banner rose into the dark skies. That banner bore the insignia of a white lion. The symbol had survived through hundreds of years, and now it blazed with the history of the old kingdom in it.

“Whoever they are, they’re not to be messed with.” The captain replied, then shouted from the wall, “It’s the White Lion Legion! The White Lion Legion has arrived! Open the gates!”

“Open the gates!”

“Open the gates!”

The order was passed on from the top of the wall. The massive wooden gates pushed away the grime and mud on the floor, the winch creaking as the gates opened slowly.

The army waited for the gates to fully open.

Owen raised his head, looking at the grey, ancient walls of the fortress from within the storm. This was the southern central of the country they had always been protecting, the city was built by King Erik to repel the forces of the Kirrlutz. These walls had withstood the harsh weather and war alike, yet not once had it fallen into the hands of the enemy.

But this time, it was a different story.

“White Lion Legion, enter the city!”

Madelei’s POV

The sun had yet to rise when Madelei dragged the newcomers onto the pier. The harbor stood against the battering waves, the raging sea stirred up by the storm overhead. The sea looked as if it was broiling over, its waves smashing against the cliff on which the lighthouse stood. He had not seen such relentless weather in the past ten years.

“Damn. Those waves are huge,” Madelei paid a compliment to the storm. He had been working as a guard at the harbor for twelve years now, yet this was the first time he had seen such a thing.

“I’ve never seen a storm like this before. The old witch on Seabreeze Cape claims that the Darkness Dragon has been revived. This storm must be one of the omens!” One of the now pale-faced newcomers said while watching a boat being dragged into the sea, vanishing beneath the roaring tides.

“Stop talking nonsense!” Madelei nudged the guard with his foot. “Enough talking, get to work!”

However, he could not resist further commenting on the weather. “But this year’s storm is rather strong…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a yelp from behind him.

“What’s wrong now?”

“Captain, there’s something in the ocean!”

“Your eyes must be failing you. It’s probably a sailor who fell overboard. May Marsha be with him, whatever happens to him.” Madelei shook his head.What an unfortunate lad. To fall into the ocean at this time spells death for anyone. Was he

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