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Clad in cyan as he galloped along a steep slope, Bunide’s gauntlet-clad hands clung tightly to the reins as he turned around. To the north of Ampere Seale, several massive light gates were opening over the horizon. Countless soldiers were pouring out of them, densely packed like ants.

“In half an hour, the entirety of the Black Blade Squad will appear on the battlefield in Ampere Seale, and the Kirrlutz will also be involved.”

“Master, what do you think we should do?”

The leader of the Highland Knights watched the tiny dots over the horizon rise up – those were the Dragon Knights of the Black Blade Squad. In an instant, it seemed like the whole sky was covered as they advanced straight towards Ampere Seale.

The sheer scale…… it was not just the Black Blade Squad anymore. It looked like the Holy Cathedral had completely deviated from their neutrality. The nobles of the north and the cathedral that had hidden their powers in Aouine had colluded with Duke Seifer.

The Kirrlutz people wanted to end the problem once and for all.

He turned around and looked at his subordinates, “What do all of you think?” He asked.

“The Highland Knights have waited for this day for a long time, Master.”

“Everything was fulfilled by that prophecy, Master. We trust in your judgment.”

“The Kingdom had tried to forget the war we fought, but us soldiers had never forgotten.”

“This is because it was a promise.”


“This is because it was a promise,” the Leto told Kodan softly and looked over at the dark waters of the Trentheim sea. The situation in Ampere Seale was getting worse by the day.My Lord must have started his operation by now.He turned his head around.

“On the highlands, the knights will never forget their promises.”

“So, you knew all along?” Kodan asked.

“That brocade is special,” Leto replied, “Besides, the veterans also have their own pride, how could they listen to a child or even the nobles -”

“Again, didn’t you already recognize this from the beginning?”

“A war lasting half a century,” Kodan replied, “it brought calamity that caused Aouine to fall to her knees… Truly a nightmare of an event…”

“Even a person like Leider became afraid, “ Leto sighed. “His prestige back then could be said to be inferior only to My Lord’s. But, I don’t agree with him. Wanting to save the corrupted Aouine as it is is a downright betrayal to this Kingdom and her people.” Leto added.

‘Why does Aouine even exist?”

“Because of the longing for glory.”

‘So what was the story during that time?” Kodan asked.

“No one knows,” Leto shook his head, “those who knew have already left this world. Maybe Master Tuman knows something, but he has already left the Kingdom.”

“Actually, I have a theory.”

Leto turned around and looked at his war companion curiously.

“Before the trial, My Lord asked me a question once,” Kodan took a deep breath and said, “What was history’s truth?”

What was history’s

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