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Flow of Darkness

The window was draped with dreamy green vines, gentle sunlight was streaming across the windowsill, and the house was quiet.

Niya the female knight sat on the edge of the bed, peeling the oranges one by one and putting them into a crystal plate on the bed. She then looked closely at the exquisite sleeping face on the bed. In her opinion, the lady was probably the most beautiful person in the world, and the words “noble” and “kind” seemed to suit her too.

Only a few outsiders knew what was going on inside House Yanbao. The fights for power between the counts never stopped ever since the Sword Throne was shattered. [TL: Not much is described about this for now, but I believe it is the throne holding the most important sword Count Yanbao has to protect] While the responsibility did not lay on the head of House Yanbao, they wanted a scapegoat to take up the blame of their fights. After all, it was Count Yanbao’s brother, known to the outside world as “Dearest Baron Dahl”, fault that the whole mess played out.

Around January, the Count’s youngest son was poisoned to death at the Sosei Ceremony, which proved afterwards that he was just a stand-in victim for others. That gluttonous little fellow sneaked into the kitchen, and his body was found with a little maid by his side. There were things that Niya dared not to tell Dilferi, but she felt that the cold and smart lady could more or less guess what was going on. She would not have rushed to the south had she not seen her old master grow more tired and haggard by each passing day.

She was startled to see that pale face, thick eyelashes dangling gently and cherry-like lips dotting her snowy skin. For several days, Miss Dilferi stayed awake for a limited time, but whenever she asked if there had been any news from the family, the female knight nearly stifled tears as she watched her frail form.

The lady could no longer stand on her feet, losing the ability to use magic for the rest of her life. She was the genius of Yanbao as a child, what kind of power was it that made her accept this news with ease? The female knight looked at her sword, she was granted the privilege of a knight because her ancestors had always been favored by the Count, but perhaps the lady had her own choice.

There was a soft knock on the door.

“Miss Niya.”

It’s the voice of the maid, the female knight realized it and replied embarrassingly, “Please keep your voice down and come in. Miss is still resting.”

The door was pushed open, and the maid was not looking good. But she still bowed down and greeted, “Miss Niya, there is someone outside asking to meet you. It’s…..”

Niya did not notice her face because her attention was on her lady. Without turning her head, she asked, “Is it Her Highness or Miss Amandina?”

“No, Miss Niya….” Before the maid could finish her sentence, a voice rudely interrupted her. That voice was a mixture of excitement and pride, so high-pi

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