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The Holy Lance of Heaven(7)

“So, what exactly is going on?” Ovina was still half-kneeling on the ground, with one hand rubbing her arm. She asked the question with a frown. The girl’s energy-made body looked like it was made of platinum and there was a half-transparent ring around her irises. Only when they contracted slightly did you know what she was thinking — and she was very angry right now.

“It’s quite simple, really .” Brendel said while sporting a toothy smile. His voice echoed in the dark and sounded a bit mischievous. He suddenly raised his hand and put it behind Scarlet, pushing the girl who had been standing in the shadows with her head hanging to stand in front of him. “Lady Ovina, you must have heard the legend of the Elf’s Golden Apple?”

Scarlet seemed ill at ease. She looked back in surprise at her leader, but Brendel shook his head and indicated that she needn’t be so nervous. He did this in the hopes of leaving Ovina with a stronger impression of Scarlet. Because Ovina must choose the Azure Lance’s next master from the three of them. He was much better at using the sword and Williman’s identity and profession also rendered him unsuitable as the heir to the Azure Lance. Therefore, he would much rather Ovina choose Scarlet as the heir to the Azure Lance.

Scarlet had always stood behind him, as silent as a shadow. Even though Scarlet filled his heart with tenderness, but that was precisely why Brendel wanted the young girl to understand that in this world, there were humble origins. Even a country girl from Bucce could become many people’s hope and protector at some time.

Only confidence and hard work were the driving forces behind the advancement of civilization and law.

Ovina looked Scarlet over carefully. Ovina’s pupils were like burning platinum embers and her eyebrows were like flames. She frowned slightly, “The Matter of Admiration?” She closed her eyes and lightly sniffed, “So that’s it. That is indeed the residue unique to elves. Valuerian Elves have been studying for so long how to change destiny. I didn’t realize they had made it come true. But they can only interrupt the rule. It’s still ineffective against chaos… I was too rash.”

Ovina quietly said a string of senseless words, and then opened her eyes again to look at Scarlet and then back at Brendel. “I heard her call you leader, is she your subordinate?”

“Crap.” Brendel thought Ovina was out for revenge so he hurriedly explained, “I guess so.”

“Guess so?” Ovina looked suspiciously at Brendel and her voice dragged out slightly.

Brendel mused for a bit and then quickly organized his thoughts. “Probably because I helped Scarlet when was in a tough spot. So theoretically, Scarlet is with me as a guard. Of course, you can see this as me holding something over her to get her to obey me. But no matter how you cut it, the contract between us will last until she believes she’s returned the favor –”

“Leader,” Scarlet turne

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