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“Daddy…Daddy…save me….”

The little girl sobbed as she crawled, snot mingling with tears on her little face, and her white dress had long since gone black from mud and blood.

The villages outside Fort Bunuo were covered in blood as demons from the Sulfur River strung the inhabitants who were too late to escape on hooks, dragged them out of their houses, brutally murdered, and hung them from the trees in the village. The little girl screamed and cried out for her father, not knowing if her father has long been one of those unfortunate souls.

The demons seemed to be playing with this little prey, taking great pleasure from the little girl’s panic. They left her to struggle in a pool of blood and mud, but every time she tried to climb out, a hellhound comes up to bite her calf and drag her back.

The little girl screamed and struggled, and not far away the little devils let out a sharp laugh in unison. It was like a feast for them, they pulled out a dying maiden from the pile of corpses, grabbed her long flaxen hair with their claws, then cut open her chest with a sharp knife, ripped out her heart and swallowed it in one gulp.

The little girl was completely stunned when she saw this scene. The hellhound who was waiting beside her seemed to have run out of patience and bit her then swung it’s head around with the little girl’s lifeless body shaking like a broken doll.

But it was at this time that this hellish creature, which was taller than a person and looked like a giant wolf with dark fur, suddenly raised its head, twitched its ears, and stood in a guarded stance. Suddenly, a sharp arrow whistled through the night sky, separating the wind and rain, and hit its smoky snout. The creature who stunk of sulfur immediately let out a cry and its whole body tumbled backward.

A female knight rushed out of the pouring rain with a sword in her hand and eyes that showed a gleam of hatred. She lifted the entire hellhound by its jaw using one hand. Flames spit out from under the hellhound’s fur and burned her fingers, but she gritted her teeth and thrust her sword upward, sending it straight into its body.

“Die, devil, go back to hell!”

The hellhound let out a wail and a scorching lump of blood that came from the wound on its throat splattered on Freya’s face.

More knights rushed to the scene afterward and Bessie brought down the distant Imps one arrow at a time with a longbow. These red-skinned villains were nothing compared to the true strength of the Black Dwarves, not even as strong as the Hellhounds that Freya had killed.

The knights passed by Freya, calling out the female knight’s name. However, Freya looks as she has lost all her strength while repeatedly pummeling the Hellhound’s body. Then she bent down and carefully picked up the little girl, who was a bloody mess from neck to chest, her eyes half-closed and her small mouth spitting out blood and bits of her guts as she mustered up

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