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Brendel raised his longsword. Longhorn Devils were one of the few highly intelligent devils who fought within melee range in the Sulfur River. Their appearance bore a slight resemblance to that of a naked Werejackal (TL: Werewolves,but instead of wolves,jackals.). However, their size was vastly more massive than the Werejackals. No one knew the exact origin of the Longhorn Devils. The first Longhorn Devils appeared in the Bloodfire Lands of the lower Sulfur River. It was said that Imps which had experienced hundreds of battles were promoted to their current appearance.

Some of the Longhorn Devils’ features did retain the Imp’s characteristics, be it the identical purple-red skin or the sharp teeth and claws. In fact, when viewed from the back, it itself looked like an Imp that was several times larger, apart for the devolution of its fleshy wings and the fact that its tail had become a little stiffer in order to maintain its balance.

Even more importantly, every Longhorn Devil had proven to have a wealth of combat experience. There were practically no juvenile Longhorn Devils. Every Longhorn Devil discovered by the Holy Cathedral of Fire was an adult, and adult Longhorn Devils had strength that was almost equivalent to Elemental Activation’s true powers.

In other words, Brendel had to deal with three Elemental Activated monsters at the same time. Before he had time to think about it, the three Longhorn Devils were already charging with large strides.

Brendel pulled out the King Buni’s Concealment Cloak from the Dimensional Space and handed it to Amandina, who was beside him. The Concealment Cloak only lasted for about four minutes a day, so the most appropriate use right now would be giving it to Amandina to allow her to find the portal’s node as quickly as possible without any worries.

As she took the cloak, Amandina bit her lip and looked at Brendel. Since she already understood how to use the cloak, she didn’t need Brendel to explain anything. After a brief pause as she slipped it on, she already covered herself with it and disappeared out of sight the next moment.

Brendel was then the only one left by the portal.

“Amandina, hurry up!” Brendel shouted into the air.

He didn’t know if Amandina heard him, but hopefully, she did. It was like Amandina had completely disappeared while under the effects of the Concealment Cloak, which made Brendel less confident, but at this point, he had no choice but to trust the noble maiden from Braggs.

A claw swinging towards him interrupted his thoughts. The three Longhorn Devils had arrived. To be more precise, the first to arrive was their merciless attacks. At least one of the three Longhorn Devils was a Fire-related Elemental, as Brendel had seen its snow-white claws dragging three long flame marks in air.

This was the power of the Elementals.

Brendel’s eyes even reflected the golden Lines of Law that stretched after its claw, and heat

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