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“Amandina, get away from here, I’ll attract it’s attention….” Brendel let go of her hand and said softly without looking back.

“Master Lord, please be careful.” Amandina replied, and obediently took a few steps backward.

She had countless things to say to Brendel after coming back from the dead. But she knew that at this time, everyone must try their best to fight against Aouine’s fate.

Brendel raised the Halran Gaia and let out an angry roar. Like a lion, he charged at the Titan Statue. It was an unprecedented battle, he was facing the Titan Statue’s fist which was as large as a mountain.

It was a war between ants and giants.

The Titan’s arm had turned into a bundle of electricity in mid-air, he smashed his fist to where Brendel was, but Brendel did not dodge it and instead faced it head-on.

Amandina let out a cry of surprise and covered her mouth.

“Brendel, are you crazy?” The elf consort could not believe her eyes.

Electric sparks instantly flew out from Brendel, and then bloomed in all directions.

Brendel was certainly not crazy.

But he understood that avoiding that attack was meaningless. This was the supreme creation of the Buga Mage, and the attack of the Titan who held the power of lightning could not be avoided. Rather than struggling in vain, it was better to decide the winner in one go.

Either win or lose.

There was no other way.

Countless streaks of lightning struck his skin like a sharp blade, and then penetrated him completely. Brendel’s skin was scorched, and his hair caught fire and started to burn. He continued forward, like a giant moving forward within a storm, nothing could stop him in his path.

His health bar instantly fell to its lowest state, and his condition changed from healthy to dying. There were one big word in front of him: “Death”

But Brendel continued forward.

Unyielding Talent was burning like it was the last fire, and the powerful law from space was injected into his body, supporting his body and spirit to stand.

The lightning storm finally passed.

But Brendel still held his sword high, and he looked at the Titan. Only one word could express the wildness in his heart at the moment.

“Come at me again…..Bastard!”

He raised his head and roared, his voice pierced through the entire battlefield. The Titan Statue was shocked, or the man inside controlling the weapon was shocked.

It probably didn’t think in his wildest dreams that the young man who was merely at Golden Peak Elemental Awakening would be alive after it attacked with all its strength.

But it accepted Brendel’s provocation.

The Titan raised his left hand, and a lightning bolt, as if responding to its summoning, came down from the sky onto its hand. The surging thunderbolt converged into a thunder ball in its palm, and at that moment it was like the God of Lightning, the Storm Giant, Tramire.

The Titan grabbed the thunder ball and stre

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