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“I’m sorry sir. I was the one who summoned the Devil…” Brendel looked back to see the origin of the weak and mellow voice to be a handsome lad. He was wearing a silky white sleeping gown, and he was holding onto the black walls. He had a delicate face, black hair the length of her shoulders, and pupils with a hint of purple. He had a pale white complexion, and thin lips the color of roses. He curled his lips and raised his eyebrows, as if questioning the presence of Brendel here.

He reminded Brendel of the Silver Elf Nemenis from the Emerald Forest.Haiz. I do have to admit that there are some people who are more beautiful than Elves in this world. Why can’t I be one of them? Wait… Are those pointy ears?

So he’s a Half-Elf. Phew… At least it didn’t ruin my pride as a self-proclaimed ‘handsome’ human’.

“Count Yanbao, are you fine?” Lonin bowed towards the boy. The boy looked at the captain and nodded, confirming his identity as Count Yanbao.

How can this young kid be a Count?Brendel raised his eyebrows, and stared at the ridiculously delicate face of the boy.

The boy was also assessing Brendel. His eyes shone with curiosity. In this world, most of the illusion spells will be dispelled once the user attacks or use any skill, so in Brendel’s case, his facade was exposed, revealing a man in a long hood and shrouded in black mist that resembled the people from the Evil Cult.

But the Evil Cultists were friends with the Devils, so they would not have cut down the Abyss Lord just now.

The young boy did not reveal any form of fear. Suddenly, there were some clanging noises coming down from above the stairs, and a golden armored female knight rushed down at lightning speed. He saw Brendel and the others next to Lonin and revealed a face full of shock. She pulled out her sword and bellowed, “Lonin! Who are these people?”

A Gold ranker.Brendel’s mouth twitched.Seems like this is the other Gold ranker under Count Yanbao… Her chest seems to be rather alluring to the men though. If she were a model, there was no doubt that she would be one of the most beautiful people on the top of the list.

The girl was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, so reaching Gold rank would mean that she was one of the geniuses of this generation. Her hair was bundled up in a bun, and with the unkempt look she had, she must have just woke up.

She noticed Brendel’s gaze, and her face began to blush. She covered her the part of her chest that was not buttoned up, and roared, “What are you looking at!”

“Niya,” Count Yanbao stopped the knight’s action and looked at Brendel.

“Count Yanbao?” Brendel asked for confirmation

“My name is Dilferi Odinar, the last successor of the Yanbao family, and also the current Count Yanbao,” he used his mellow voice to make an introduction. Brendel did not see any sort of panic in his eyes, but tiredness. Then, the count placed his hand on his collarbone, and thanked Brendel courteously, “Thank

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