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Ampere Seale was Aouine’s busiest harbor. From the moment the first light of dawn hits the city, until the moon’s reflection shone on the waves, the harbor was always busy. Merchants and harbor workers were ceaselessly working, which allowed the massive harbor to be as rich as it was. It was only when the storms avoided the Shining Sea did this golden route calm down momentarily, allowing its citizens a short reprieve.

Archbishop Wood, wearing a white robe with red lining adorning his body, stood under the Marble Lighthouse. This man of stature had been sent over by the Holy Cathedral to become the Archbishop of the Ampere Seale parish. At the same time, he was also the spiritual leader of Aouine’s Holy Cathedral of Flames. If one managed to hold this position for fifteen years, then he would have the qualifications to become one of the cores of the Holy Cathedral, the eleven Archbishop. When that time comes, even becoming the Pope of the Holy Cathedral would be merely one step away.

Most people couldn’t understand why he would aim higher as his status and position were the dreams of many. Wood’s cheeks were sunken, the skin hanging loosely off his bones. Even though he had yet to reach 80 years of age, he seemed as if he had been weathered by the passages of time. However, his sunken sockets held eyes that burned with youth so majestic that the citizens would part before his very presence. His lips were pursed, exuding an air of calmness about him, yet his heart contained just as much turmoil as all the other tribe members of Aouine.

“The Lion Beastmen are getting ready to attack, it must have gotten the Holy Cathedral of Earth’s support.” Wood stood on top of the hill and looked down into the harbor, where vessels big and small drifted in and out, leaving trails of foam in the azure bay. The scene before him left him breathless. “Aouine is the vanguard of the war against the Holy Cathedral of Earth, we must not allow it to drag out, which leaves us with very little time.

Icahn nodded in agreement. Both of them had been partners for many years. Despite neither of them hailing from Aouine, their loyalty towards the old king held no bounds. “Even if the Lion Beastmen have already made preparations to attack, they will still wait until next year before it gets serious, especially since this Spring’s harvest has yet to commence. The Holy Cathedral of Earth can’t make their move so easily.”

Wood glanced at his partner.

“Do you know the history of this Marble Lighthouse, Icahn?”

Icahn stared at the lighthouse beside him that was the symbol of Ampere Seale. “When King Erik founded this harbor, Ampere Seale was not the massive trading port it is today. This lighthouse once lit the way for King Erik and his naval troops against the forces of Holy Cathedral on the sea. The Marble Lighthouse has always been the symbol of Aouine, the symbol of the defense against the forces of darkness.

“Unfortunately, tragedy befell when t

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