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The militia’s non-commissioned officer did not lie to me. With the necessary experience it can save you at the critical juncture.

If it was not that month’s training, that seemingly unavoidable sword that lunged towards me during my deep sleep would have been fatal. My senses brought about something akin to a flash of electricity, which tore me away from the deep sleep that I was in.

What greeted me during the moment when I open my eyes, is the reflection of a sharp long sword which seemed to pierce my heart with a freezing chill.

It really makes my heart tremble!

To tell the truth, I do not know how I was able to react to that. Perhaps it was an instinct that was developed from the long training, and I twist my head to the sides at the last instant, and that sword stabs down and brushes past my ear.

I escape that in the nick of time.

Then I see the sword’s design embedded onto a metal plate amidst the shining light reflected from the sword; the black rose that bloomed furiously, which can only be from Brumand.

I pause for a while before recognizing it.

“Madara’s undead troops!”

It is as if a bucket of water was thrown onto me, and I completely sober up, fucking hell, why are these damn shit bastards appearing here?

I clearly remember I am taking my leave at the countryside Bucce. This land was left behind by my grandfather, and I received my old man’s permission, and stayed here to take care of this old house.

My mother was a Kadireig, and it is probably the only bloodline within my body that is close to nobility. On the other hand, my father was a traditional middle-aged ordinary miller, and he did not resemble my grandfather who participated in the famous November’s war and received the Candlelight emblem.

And I, am simply an ordinary youth who can be found anywhere within the kingdom. My biggest dream is to join the army or go out to adventure, and bring back great wealth.

Then perhaps at the end of things, I will find a beautiful wife to spend my life with, a perfect life indeed!

But I am digressing. Right beside my bed is a fearful undead trying to kill me, and it made my heart pulse with dread. Fortunately the things that my instructor taught me back in the days still remained in my mind, and are not forgotten because of my panicked thoughts. I recall in an instant that my sword is placed beside my bed, but that skeleton will surely not let me have the chance to take it. I realize now that this is a terrible habit, I must remember to put it below my pillow the next time.

These thoughts happen within moments.

I instinctively pounced towards the sides from the bed, and knocked that gleaming white skeleton onto the floor. Right now I remember my instructor every sentence from my first combat lesson:

“Remember, these soldiers from Madara’s lowest ranks, solely use the ‘soul’s flames’ to move. They are slow, lacking in intelligence and they are weak.”

But before I can rec

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