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Chapter 228 – Wind sharpshooter (1)

“Count Randner’s forces lost?”

The parchment from Oberbeck’s hand slid away, but he quickly grabbed and held onto it like a snake. He raised his head, revealing his face that was full of shock.

Princess Gryphine was listening at the side without making a move.

The outcome of the huge battle in the southern borders was not leaked immediately and it took several days before the information spread.

Count Randner’s huge army was defeated soundly, and it caused the lords of the surrounding lands to be at a loss for words.

The damage to the coalition army was not as large as one would have thought; the majority of the soldiers was incited to escape as the Highlanders turned tail and fled. The army from the Grey Bear region was completely unhurt.

A few thousand private soldiers were lost, but the true reason why everyone was talking behind the scenes was due to the deaths of Lord Palas, Kruss, and Weld.

Numerous nobles, two region lords, and one retainer who served directly under Count Randner. This meant that the northern Trentheim’s powers were gone. Even if Count Randner wanted to attack again, he would not be able to gather an army to subjugate Firburh.

A few nobles speculated he would lead the army himself, only to be shot down by dissenting thoughts. Which high-ranking noble did not have enemies? Count Randner had to deal with them all the time, and it was precisely at this moment that he had to stay in his territory to prepare for any changes. Everyone was already thinking that he was now a tiger without fangs, and even his own retainers were starting to worm about behind his back.

Even though Count Randner hated Brendel to the point of gnashing his teeth, he had to first deal with his own affairs before he could make his move freely. By that time, the youth was certain that he would not fear that old man.

At the end of January and the start of February, when the earth was about to be unfrozen, there was a discussion about this huge civil war in all of Aouine.

The only exception was the Trentheim region, and those who participated in the war rarely talked about it.

Firburh paid a heavy price as well, especially the mercenaries who were tasked to delay Count Randner’s army. Their numbers were reduced by more than half. These were veteran soldiers who experienced the November War and did not submit to the tragic and deadly battles, but they now slumbered beside River Gris. Their graves were now in a pine forest, silent like an unread poem.

But the shadows of war were quickly washed away as the ice melted. Verdant sprouts sprang out from the farms, a winter had passed, and the continent had once again regained its vitality and energy. The city’s citizens could not believe they won.

“A victory was attained just like that? I didn’t even get to participate on the battlefield.”

Carglise sat on a stool without showing any signs of a noble’s etiquette, su

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