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The entrance to the catacomb was located near the lowest point of the valley. Several broken pillars stood in the dense foliage with vines creeping all over them. If one did not observe them carefully, they would have thought the pillars were green boulders.

Brendel studied the passage that was dug by the mercenaries and gave a faint nod. The youth thought the latter was professionals. He previously dug tunnels in the game as the physical work was left to the warriors and he was quite good at it, so he could tell how the mercenaries performed.

His eyes turned back to the pillars for a second look.

[The corrosion of the pillar’s rock material is very deep. Are these pattern-like things actually words? No, not Kirrlutz or Elven. Perhaps the native Highlanders of the old? They were the ones lording over this place before the King Erik or even the Silver Elves. If this bit of history can be tracked all the way back to the War of the Holy Saints, then this tomb is really old.]

Brendel turned on the system in his eyes but the patterns were showing up as question marks. The points in his side profession, Scholar, was unfortunately insufficient. He initially wanted to pass himself off as a noble but he now thought it as a waste of skill points.

The magicians working for Alistair were starting to chant and create magic orbs of light, and everyone moved into the catacomb. Though the stale air within the catacomb had been let out for quite some time, there was still the odor of decay. The rays of light were a little dim as they proceeded through the dark catacomb. Recesses in the wall could be seen with skeletons laid in them. Some of the skeletons’ bones were broken.

The mercenaries informed Brendel that the card was found in these grave niches. The youth tried sensing if there were anything in them but he did not detect anything, though he felt a mana signature emitting from the front and it caused a tremor in his mind.

Brendel started walking ahead to where he felt the mana signature. Ciel was behind him, while Scarlett and Jana moved respectively at his sides.

The female mercenary commander’s hand was placed on her longsword. Her emerald eyes reflected the dim light, making it seemed like there was a green fire burning in them.

Scarlett gripped her spear and silently watched for any movements in the dark with her amber eyes.

The stench of decay gradually became stronger, and it slowly made the group restless. Romaine held on to Brendel’s hand tightly, but her gleaming eyes had a slight tinge of excitement as they darted all over the place.

The piled sandy soil in the catacomb hindering their path was quickly dug away, revealing a ghastly assortment of light rays. Upon closer inspection, they found that it was a barrier that had runes on it. Its center was thick while the sides were thin, and a look at it made one certain that it was some kind of magic barrier.

“You said you encountered a barrier. Is it s

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