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The two were surprisingly compatible with each other. Ciel ignored all the bugs and spiders that were in the coffin and widened his arms to grab all the treasures in it before dashing for the exit; Brendel lunged to another side, dodging a slab of rock that fell onto where he was a moment ago and landed right next to the pile of bones that rested on the coffin.

He was still coughing sand when he noticed the Cards of Fates next to the skeleton. The sand upon his head began to fall, almost burying the cards. As he swiped his hands towards them, he failed to notice the two gleaming eyes that shone from the sockets of the skull. The skeleton stood up and clenched around his neck.

Brendel was shocked. Don’t even mention an ordinary skeleton, Brendel did not even pay attention to the lowest-ranked Skeletal Troopers within the ranks of the Madara army. However, if Brendel were to hesitate a moment in this situation, he would be buried under several thousand tons of rock.

It was right at this moment when a bright Fire Arrow brushed past his face and landed on the claws of the skeleton with a ‘thud’. Sparks sprayed everywhere and Brendel could feel his hair curling up under the heat. However, the attack crushed the bones and with just a slight tug, Brendel freed his hand and grabbed the Cards. As he ran, he could hear the loud rumbling behind him and when he looked, he saw that a quarter of the cavern had collapsed, the sand almost burying the altar in the center.

Brendel’s back was wet from cold sweat. He looked back to find his savior, the one who shot that arrow in that exact moment. Even back when this was a game, this was not a common sight. Although he recalled that the Elementalists under Ciel were not large in numbers, he could not figure out the identity of the said person.

As he turned back to look, he did not expect the sight before him. Right at the entrance of the tomb, Romaine waved an index finger at him. And at the tip was a small blaze! She wore a smug expression on her face and was about to say something. Then she was pulled away by the female mercenary commander.

“When did she learn magic!?!”

She had quite the talent. To have made such an accurate shot, not even those high-leveled players could manage that!

But he immediately came up with a scarier thought. It might be that she never really aimed, and that her luck enabled her to make that ‘stray shot’. [T/L Note: Dude, she saved you. Why complain!]

Brendel shivered. The more he pondered about the girl’s carefree personality, this seemed to be more likely than her being a pro mage. He decided to not let her use magic, or there would be no saying when he will be toasted by a fireball in the future.

By then, not many people were left at the place. Most had retreated. Brendel signaled to the remaining people to hurry their exit, while he tailed them from behind as well. The others saw that their lord had escaped peril and retreated as well. But at

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