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Chapter 232 – The city of trees (3)

“My apologies, I lost myself there……”

Medissa drew a breath and composed herself with a hand on her chest and continued her words:

“The term Arcadian Grade is used in the War of the Holy Saints, and it’s used to describe the strength of the different fiefs. Trentheim is an unfounded Arcadian Grade land. The Mana in the air is typically scattered, but with such close proximity to the Wilderness, it is pulled in and turned into Chaos energy, which gives rise to corrupted creatures. Mana Pools can be constructed in places of abundant Mana. There are natural Mana Pools as well, but they are actually lairs and dens of monsters.”

“So that’s how monsters are formed!” Romaine tapped her lips with an inquisitive finger: “But what do these Mana Pools have to do with the strength of a fief? Strange…… Isn’t it dangerous to have monsters appearing in the city because you have too many Mana Pools, right?”

Medissa laughed and explained:

“Be it the humans, Elves, or other races, they had fought in the past to vie for such places abundant with Mana. These creatures raised in the city by sentient races, and they are loyal to them. In addition, Mana Pools are useful for cultivating Mana Crystals. One can even build a Mage Tower on top of such a place. These structures are used to empower the fiefs’ lords. Extremely powerful cities that have mature Mana Pools are qualified to be called as Elysian Strongholds.

The concept of a Magic City is different from the definition of a territory. Many older races respect the lords ruling over the Magic cities. A human noble like Graudin receives the fear and reluctant respect of the ordinary citizens in Aouine, but in the eyes of the other races, this man is worthless.

But if there’s even just one Mana Pool in a city, then it would at least mean that the lord has some repute of power, though I should remind you that the past is different from the current customs.”

Her eyes went over to Brendel.

Even though the youth remained relatively unknown, his current position had surpassed Graudin by far in her era.

“Then how big must the city be to have a natural Mana Pool?” Romaine asked, keen to know a trivia question.

“Roughly……” The Silver Elf girl thought for a while: “Using the scale of Aouine’s system, the city would be the size of a baron’s entire fiefdom.”

Scarlett was listening in with rapt attention. It was the knowledge that mercenaries and typical nobles did not even know, especially at the rural borders of Aouine. She suddenly blurted out a question:

“Does Firburh have a Mana Pool?”

“Ah, you’re right!” Romaine’s eyes suddenly shone with understanding. She was always good with things that were not relevant to her: “So that was why Ciel acted mysteriously for a period of time. I heard from the mercenaries that he was frequenting Schafflund for a while, muttering to himself about building a tower. So he was trying to find a place

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