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To Ampere Seale!(3)

The Nagas in The Shining Sea was fairly infamous across the region, often attacking the merchant ships that were along the way from Ampere Seale to the Port of Grey Winds, and even at Port Gris! But the Nagas in the deep waters were not united as one, and was split into several different tribes, with the Kou Toas and the Shining Scale Nagas being the most famous amongst them. The Shining Scales did not only appear in the Shining Sea, and can be seen across the Seven Seas of Vaunte, and was the most badass pirate in all of history. It may seem that they closely resembled a Kingdom, with its culture, language, and traditions.

The underwater tribes survive by stealing and robbing, and the Nagas were no exception. Sometimes there would be tens of tribes having infighting. And in all of history, there had never been a case where these sorts of pirate fights did not bring trouble to the merchant ships that passed along the way. If anything, it troubled them.

To the sailors, the bandits were not as frightening as the Sirens from the legends, and with just Brendel’s warning, everyone regained their composure. “But it sure is mysterious. The Merfolk barely ever banded up with the Nagas to wreck a ship.” Despite all that, James asked doubtfully.

He pulled out his smokepipe and shook out the tobacco within it before stuffing it back into his bag. His longsword in his right arm, the captain ordered the other sailors to pull up the shields on the flank of the ship.

“Be careful of their javelins!” He roared.

In the game, the Merfolk had close ties to Nagas. They often participate in the internal conflicts of the Nagas, using their melodious voice to aid their comrades. Plainly speaking, they were the wandering poets of the battlefield, the underwater battlefield. However, they were kind creatures, and had always denied attacking the humans or the dwarves alongside the Nagas. That was why James found it odd when the two species had surfaced to attack them.

At that moment, the creatures broke the surface of the water. They held an uncanny resemblance to humans - except their blue skin and some other fishlike characteristics. Their skin was made of scales, and had gills under their breasts. They had nostrils and lungs to breathe in air, but with the dry air in the atmosphere, they rarely left the water.

The Nagas that surfaced did not have a head, and in its place was a stalk of blue nerves. It may seem odd at the beginning, but in time, it would be quite a pretty sight. Most of those who came out of the water were males. Males had two arms and non-obvious breasts. Their faces were chiseled and sharp, with waterproof battle prints on them. Their muscles were humongous, and had a barbaric aura to them.

Legends have it that the Nagas were the descendants of the Heavenly Snake, a half-human, half-snake. The female Nagas had one additional pair of arms. According to the legends, the god of Nagas wanted the fem

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