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Freya stepped forward. She was wearing the silver armor of the Secret Army. And the metallic glint reflected the beauty of the night moon. On her back was a red cape, and it had two silver tassels hanging on its side.Seems like she is the leader of this squad of knights.

She paused and looked at the mess that was once a manor, and noted, “I am a knight of the Princess. I repeat, do you have anything in need of assistance?”

“No… There’s nothing I need…” The young count could see the identity of the knight. But he did not want to be affiliated with anyone at this moment, so he shook his head.

His words made her suspicious, she was clearly not the dumb bumpkin girl from back then. The future War Goddess raised her head, and looked at the people accompanying him. The hole in the ceiling opened a pathway of light to shine on the few silhouettes. Freya could not help but shudder at the sight of the young boy.How cute is he!

But her suspicious expression remained, and her gaze fell onto the people behind Dilferi.Just why do these people feel so suspicious?

Brendel was sweating buckets then. He immediately lowered his head.It seems like this girl has matured a lot since she studied at the Royal Cavalry Academy. I can feel her eyes piercing through my farce. Not good! If I were to be exposed here, it would all be over.

Freya was clueless about their planes, and if she knew, there was no doubt he would have been executed for kidnapping a noble. Ciel warned him that if he was caught for doing so, his neck would have to be tied ten times over for it to be able to kill Brendel. But most importantly, Brendel did not want his plan to fail!

My Lord, do you think she could recognize us with this disguise?Ciel was drenched in cold sweat and carefully, he telepathically asked Brendel.

Brendel cursed,Don’t jinx it!But Count Yanbao managed to come up with an excuse. It seems like he did not want to be in the company of the knights for long either, “Miss, don’t worry. I just made a mistake while experimenting with something. I will ask someone to clean up the mess later, so excuse me for showing you this ugly sight.”

Brendel and Ciel breathed out in relief.

It was common for nobles to have one or two mages in their family. But Freya still felt that he was hiding something, and she eyed Brendel and Ciel,What weirdos.During the period in the Academy, Maynild had cramped her with knowledge on the nobles. Although she did not remember much of it, she knew that they had quite a few secrets so she decided to leave before becoming someone others hate.

She just came over after hearing the explosion to check if something was out of place. But it seems like there was no trouble, so she decided to leave.

But it was then.

The guard that informed Dilferi about Freya’s arrival came back once more. It seems like another squad of knights had arrived at the manor’s front gate. And they had a similar outfit as Freya, just that they

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