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The War Without Smoke(2)

There were ominous clouds all above Ampere Seale, the ambiance resembling that of Trentheim. It was the smell of a brewing war.

Back to his base, Brendel immediately held an emergency meeting.

The location of the meeting was chosen to be close to the new Valhalla located in the forest, a clearing with ten ancient trees, planted by the Elves, surrounding it. He was taken aback by the scenery of the place, and had temporarily used it as an assembly point. He had notified earlier for the core members of the war to gather, including those that had followed his stead since long ago.

Julian, Taron, Mano, Leto, and Batum were the founding of the Red Bronze Dragon mercenaries. While Julian was once the leader of Fortress Riedon’s patrol guards, he had become part of the mercenaries ever since then. Only Taron was slightly special compared to the others, as he was originally the captain of White-Mane. And due to special circumstances, he was invited to this group. He must be viewed as a traitor by the Kingdom now.

Brendel was standing below one of the Mayan trees as he looked at these few men and lamenting the past.

Some of the familiar faces of the group had been lost: some of the elderly had passed due to illness as they migrated, and a big portion of those who remained died in the war with Count Radner. But it seemed like the will was passed onto the survivors, making them even stronger and determined.

Which led to evident changes that can be seen from the group before him--

Julian was once the nobles' henchman that took the role of oppressing the citizens. Brendel’s first impression of him was a weak gangster who wore the facade of being strong. But even that was long gone, and in its place was a tanned, battle-scarred man that looked vulgar yer mature and composed.

There were not many refugees who followed Brendel all the way to Trentheim due to their reluctance to leave their homes. But those who did, despite fearing Julian, would stop and pay him some respects. And the number of people who did this was steadily increasing.

However, in Brendel’s eyes, what was important was only his strength. Within a year, Julian grew from a person who was stuck in the Iron rank to someone close to breaking through. And it was not just him. Most who survived Fortress Riedon had also undergone huge changes as well: Batum, Taron, and Leto are also at the peak of Iron rank as well and are just awaiting breakthrough!

The mana wave surges are affecting the entire world, but only those who experienced the trials of life and death will truely perceive these changes.

Brendel's eyes moved onto another group. The Grey Wolves Mercenaries. Abandoned by Makarov, these bunch did not spend much time with Brendel and co. However, their strength had also increased as well, especially Sanford, who immediately stepped into the Iron rank after consuming the Dragonblood potions.

Initially, Amandina suggested

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